A Book Review of Two Vince Flynn Bestsellers: Extreme Measures and Pursuit of Honor

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Normally a book review features one book.  This time I had to combine these two amazing books by the late Vince Flynn.  Sadly Mr. Flynn died June 19th 2013.  Partly because of that, I’ve tried to spread the books in his series over months.  All but his very first book (Term Limits) features Mitch Rapp as the leading and recurring character.

As soon as I finished Extreme Measures I had to start Pursuit on Honor.  The two novels take place within days of the other, with the second completing the first. Both were excellent!  High tension stories that continue to build throughout each novel.  There were times I found myself holding my breath, part dread and shock and part anticipation.

It was lucky I got them both on audio or I wouldn’t have gotten anything else done until they were finished.  As it was I looked for projects and places to drive so I could stay plugged in to the audio book and finish them more quickly.

Each book is a stand alone novel.  If you picked up Pursuit of Honor to read, enough of the back story is there so you won’t feel deprived.  If you get the chance though, do read Extreme Measures first.  The two stories are closely tied together.

The Plots…

In Extreme Measures, Mitch Rapp and his team member, Mike Nash, learn of a possible terrorist group planning an attack on the United States. Since two suspected terrorists are held in the Middle East on an Air Force base, Mitch will take all necessary steps to get what information they might have.

When a by-the-book captain decides to report Mitch, certain senators in the United States see the opportunity they have been waiting for to bring down both Mitch and the CIA.

Yet while the judiciary committee is busy investigating, the terrorists are getting closer.  Both demand Mitch’s time. Only one should have his attention.  That added so much to the tension!  Do the senators doubt the threat or is their focus simply so misplaced that they would risk the safety of the nation?

Pursuit of Honor

Without giving away too much more of Extreme Measures, I’ll just say a well planned attack does occur.  In Pursuit of Honor, days have passed.  From what Mitch learns, some of the terrorists survived and are on the run. Whether they are running to more attacks or to get away remains to be seen.

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Mitch digs out tips, clues and information from sources around the globe trying to find out who is left and where they might be.

Since the attacks, many of those on the judiciary committee have changed their opinion of the CIA and Mitch.  They are now prepared to accept his skills are at time essential.  Still the few who remain would see Mitch charged with crimes and the CIA destroyed.

This edition of the series is so interesting.  It puts you into the minds of the terrorists, into both sides of the ‘extreme measure’ issue, and asks how far you would go to if it were to protect those you hold most dear.  Each question is clearly laid out in the book.  Our answers perhaps not so much.

If you like political thrillers or suspense, do read these books!  If you haven’t read Vince Flynn I suggest you start at the beginning.  He’s a strong hero who fills out his changing roles as you go along.  In every role he is willing and more than able to accomplish his assignment.  That usually means protecting the United States and its people.

Sweet News for Vince Flynn Fans

Kyle Mills, the successful author of thirteen thrillers of his own, has been hired to continue the Mitch Rapp series. He is currently at work completing the book that Mr. Flynn had started. It is expected to be released in the fall of this year.  After that book, called The Survivor as of now, he will pen two additional books featuring Mitch.  Kyle Mill’s says his goal will to be to continue Mitch as Vince has portrayed him.

Mr. Mills definitely has experience at crafting complicated, tension filled thrillers.  We wish him, and Vince’s family, every success.

Hear from the late Mr. Flynn…Short but sweet interview about Extreme Measures.


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