A Grave Prediction, by Victoria Laurie

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A Review of Book 14 in The Bestselling Series

Is it possible for one to identify a sociopath before that person is even a teen? Abby Cooper could, and that is without using her psychic skills. How is that? You’ll enjoy reading the book to see.

Book fourteen in her series is a delightful listen (or read if you prefer). A dramatic mystery that is lightened up by the author theough the featured character and her friends and family.

Abby Cooper, Psychic Eye, is the real deal. It is just difficult to get those in authority to believe her. Thus begins A Grave Prediction. Abby isn’t very pleased when her FBI boss sends her to Los Angeles. The reason in theory is to help the agents there solve some tough/cold cases and to instruct them on using their own intuition to a deeper level. What happens instead is that she is met with antagonism and disbelief. Still, the Psychic Eye is determined to show them she is a valuable addition to their team.

Psychic skills don’t usually go where one would expect.  This time the case is a search for bank robbers who have hit a series of banks, but the search leads Abby to a vision of dead girls on a hill beyond the bank.

Where it leads from there is both scary and puzzling.  You will have to read for yourself to see. The story is very well done. The psychic skills are well portrayed, not at all over the top. It was all quite believable, making you enjoy it all the more.

The writing was so entertaining that I plan on reading the rest of the series in order. It is always a treat to read how a character began as wel as how she has developed. You don’t have to though. This was easily a stand alone.

In Audio

The audio version of A Grave Prediction was excellent. The pacing, the varying voices, and knowing the character so well, all add to the story. Narrator Elizabeth Michaels has narrated the entire series. She clearly has the character down. Ms. Michaels and Ms. Laurie make a terrific team. I hope you will listen to the sample here on Audible.

If you prefer to start with book one in the series, begin with Abby Cooper, Psychic Eye.

Whichever book you start with, you are sure to enjoy this bestselling series. What fun!


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Author: Merry Citarella

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