A Princess Dress for Dress Up

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A Princess All Year Long

Does the little girl in your life like to dress up as a princess all year long?

Last week at the grocery store a little princess was shopping with her mother. Princesses are everywhere. My adorable niece wears her princess dress nearly every day. It’s a little bit different from this one, but still a hit. Actually, she now has more than one which makes it much easier on mom.

Clearly a princess dress is not just for Halloween! We get pictures of her wearing it around home of course. Then every once in awhile, we see its ruffled fabric sticking out from under her coat while she is playing outside. What is it about little girls loving little princesses?

If you have a little girl who is into frills, chances are she too loves to dress as a princess! What could be better than this sweet, lavender Rapunzel dress? Do you like the story of Rapunzel? The movie, Tangled, brought it to life again. I hadn’t heard the story since my daughter was little, but loved the movie so much.

This dress will do quite nicely. It’s quite well made, and machine washable–essential for the amount of use it will get. The silky skirt is a polyester fabric, and the velvet portion is stretchy (which makes it easy to get on and off). No scratchy fabrics like you will often find in costumes. She can easily wear leggings too if the night turns cold.

I checked out the reviews to see if others agreed, and discovered my little niece isn’t the only one who wears her costume nearly every day! Actually, I’m thinking you may want to pick up two of them to avoid struggles when it’s time to wash one!

Size wise, they come in small to extra large, so whether your child is a year old or seven to nine years old, you will find one that fits.

Wouldn’t it make a lovely surprise gift this year?

What Else Does a Princess Need?

Of course, besides the beautiful flowing dress, every princess needs a crown of some sort. If you are handy you can probably make you own using gems, beads, glitter, foil, or other creative items.

If you don’t want to make your own, set tiara and wand featured here would serve her very well. The wand can add a whole new dimension to your princess’ costume. She can become magical! Won’t that open up a whole new direction for play time?

In case it is a cold night, add a pair of warm tights or leggings she can wear beneath her costume. That way she will stay toasty.

A sweet pair of shoes, decorated with glitter will have her dancing!

If you expect it to be extra cold, every princess should have at least one long, velvet cape in their wardrobe. For Halloween or any play time, this would be soft, warm, and royalty-worthy.

A cloak is something you could easily make if you sew. I rather like this cloak to wear over the princess dress.

The only other item I would recommend is reflective tape. You can get it in silver or white, or even red for the cloak. Simply tape a few strips in places that won’t interfere with the design of the costume. Your child will be much more visible in headlights of the cars that may be going by.

I think you will be very pleased and your princess delighted.

A Princess Castle for Playtime

There is a delightful trend right now to have small kid-sized tents inside the house.  It would be so much fun for any play time.  I can see indoor camping trips, naps, picnics, all snug and warm in any room. Any princess related toy or accessory will be loved, wouldn’t you agree?



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