A Review of “Destroyer,” by Brett Battles

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Traveling through History

After reading Rewinder, I was anxious to see what would happen next in this unique series from Brett Battles.

In Rewinder, Denny Younger is removed from his lower level in society to become a rewinder, a ‘historian’ who checks family histories—in an unusual manner. Rather than research, a rewinder travels back in time to see the actual event.

When a few seconds of change occurs during one of his excursions, the rewinder discovers how such a limited time can impact his world. He must make a choice that affects innumerable lives.

Part Two in the Series

Destroyer takes up where Rewinder leaves off. Denny, girlfriend ‘Iffy,’ and one other are trying to adjust to the world that now exists; settling into a new life, yet still in fear of the old one. Still taking trips into the past.  The adjustment is going okay until Denny notices someone following them. From there the story gets complicated—and dangerous.

What might happen if someone stole the chaser? How could anyone possibly know of it? That is about all I will say about the story. It would be hard not to give away scenes you should uncover as you read. Let’s just say it is another tale traveling through history that will have you scratching your head in thought, trying to understand the order of things.

It will be another hit, I believe. Fast paced, exciting, scary in some ways, and quick. It definitely leads to a coming third novel in the series. I wonder how long it might go on. The more you see the effect of small changes, you have to wonder what might happen next.

All because of a few small seconds in time.

What Would You Do?

One thing I would ask you. Would you change something in the past if you could, even knowing it would have a huge change on your present? I’m not sure we could carry it out far enough in our imagination to understand the results.

Yet if we were watching a horrible event unfold we know we could stop, could we resist? It might be harder than we can imagine.

Available in Audio

I was pleased to listen to Destroyer and Rewinder in  the audio version from Audible. Both book one and two are narrated by Vikas Adams. He does a great job, with a voice that fits Denny Younger quite well. You can listen to a sample here on Audible.

You can read my review of Rewinder here.

If you haven’t read Mr. Battles’ popular Jonathan Quinn series, I highly recommend that as well. It’s one of my favorites, starting with The Cleaner. An unusual premise for a terrific series!


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