A Tapping At My Door, by David Jackson, A Review

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Get read for a suspenseful mystery with A Tapping at The Door. It will pull you right in and have your mind on alert as the Liverpool Police hunt for a killer.

Author David Jackson has received acclaim for his Callum Doyle series. A description of “nerve shredding” was used in his last novel. That is an apt description for the building suspense you will find in his novels.  In this one, even the police have reason to be frightened.

The Story

A woman hears repeated tapping outside her house. Though frightened, she finally opens the door to see what it is. A bird. A raven. one minute later she lay dying, a dead bird with a quote from Edgar Allen Poe there covering her. What would Poe have to do with anything?

Detective Sargent Nathan Cody delves into the investigation along with the rest of his department.

Sargent Cody is fighting demons of his own. Between an undercover assignment gone horribly wrong, the ending of a relationship, and stress with the investigation, he finds the anger and fear overtaking him more often. Now his new partner is a woman with whom he has had a relationship. Complications weigh on him, all in the midst of a murder investigation.

Then there is another body.

And another.

In a complicated twisting story, the reader must learn why the killer is hunting the police. Is he after particular people from one case? Or will he kill anyone? Before you can find the answers to that, you must first determine what is real. How many more will die before they find the answers?

Tension builds to a dramatic conclusion. There is a satisfying end to book one while you can sense a sequel is ahead. The book does contain fairly descriptive violence, more it seemed than many British mysteries.

This is the first in the beginning of a new series by David Jackson. It’s sure to be a popular one. DS Cody is a likable and determined character for all his flaws. The characters and the scenes are well depicted. You will often feel like you are there when they search, taking each scary step with them, wondering if a killer awaits.

The Audio

The British accent makes it such an entertaining listen. Narrator Jonathan Keebler has great versatility in his voice, handling the variety of voices, both the men and women. This one is recorded by Audible Studios. Their recordings are always so well done. You can listen to a sample of the book here on Audible.

It will be very entertaining to follow Detective Cody in the future.


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Author: Merry Citarella

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