A Wanted Man, by Lee Child, A Review

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Lee Child’s Terrific Series

It is always a treat to pass several hours with Jack Reacher.  A Wanted Man, the seventeenth in the series it is no exception.  Since I’ve read and listened to the books in order,  I’ve become quite attached.

Jack is innocently hitching a ride, heading to Virginia. Most cars that slow down, quickly speed up when they get close.  Sporting a broken nose, he looks scarier than he usually does with his size.

Finally a car stops for him.  Riding along with two men and one woman, at first he is just thankful for the lift.  The longer he observes the other passengers, the more suspicious he gets.  After all, observation is one of his well practiced skills.

Miles behind them, a man is discovered murdered at an abandoned pumping station.  Witnesses saw something.  With the FBI and the police on the hunt for two killers, Jack’s ride becomes something more sinister.

Each of the passengers hold their own secret.  They are there together, an unlikely group, all heading East.  As their purpose is revealed, and their secrets, who will survive?

A More Thoughtful Jack Reacher

The story is different from many of Lee Child’s other books.  We don’t get to witness Jack fighting a plethora of bad guys.  It’s more of a slow burn of a story.  Still I found it one that intrigued.  Knowing the voice and attitude of Jack, it was still  a pleasure to follow along with his very detail oriented, thorough thoughts.

There is another plot within the plot as well, one that may prove even more dangerous to many.  A fun and interesting trek along with Jack, who still is simply trying to get to Virginia.

I was delighted to listen to the audio version of this.  A big part of that pleasure is thanks to Dick Hill, the superb narrator who IS the voice of Jack Reacher.  While I enjoyed him as well this time, the broken nose that caused the nasal strange voice of Jack, was not a favorite.  I wish he’d given him a week or two between books to heal up some.  That said, book eighteen is already in my cart.  I won’t even try to resist.


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Author: Merry Citarella

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