Access to Power, by Robert Ellis, A Review

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Definite Suspense Thriller!

Frank Miles, a top Washington DC “Image Maker, ” is one of the best at leading a campaign to a successful election.

Manipulating the media to that end is a skill he knows well, but getting Melvin Murdoch may prove costlier than he could have imagined. With days left before the election, both sides are pulling all the tricks possible to destroy the other. Still, there are lines not to be crossed, aren’t there?

When Frank’s business partner, Woody, is found dead, it appears to be a robbery. After all, the burglar is found at the scene. But with the political election currently playing out, Frank can’t help but wonder if there is more to it than that. Turns out Woody is only the first victim.

Talk about smoke and mirrors. Someone is playing a different and deadly game for this campaign, but why? Who’s side are they on? Frank generally uses nearly any trick to succeed for his client, yet this may go beyond what Frank could imagine.

Just who is pulling all the strings? The other candidate? Someone on his staff? One who holds Frank responsible for his political loss? With so many players willing to go to extremes, anyone could be responsible. Yet as the number of bodies grow, it is Frank himself who appears to be the prime suspect.

Definitely “Edge of Seat”

Whew, what a great surprise this novel was! Access to Power is totally engrossing. It took a few chapters for me to connect with the story. When I began I wasn’t even sure I was interested in reading about the political games of an election. We’ve seen too much of that in our non-fiction lives. If you feel that way, please don’t let that stop you. This book is excellent. Very well done. Once into it, it was a very hard book to put down.

Well written and concise, it offers a fascinating—and frightening–view of how intense a political campaign gets. The nerves, the edginess, and the fear build with every page. The author is very effective at increasing that tension page by page.

The twisting plot makes for a political roller coaster. It takes the reader in startling directions, to heights that lead to heart dropping falls, right up to the end.

“Winning isn’t everything. It is the only thing”

That’s a line from the book. Realistic, isn’t it? There some who will stop at nothing to win. But murder?

We see changes in Frank as he investigates, as his conscience comes forward. The character development of our manipulator gives a positive edge to the reader. It becomes an interesting and thoughtful look at right vs wrong.

The Audio Version

I was voluntarily provided this free review copy audiobook by the author, narrator, or publisher. I’m so glad. While the book is available in all formats, the audio is excellent. Narrator, Andrew Tell, carries the audio with excellent pacing as he reads. His timing for the tense moments and voice changes for various characters are well done. Plus he has a very nice voice that adds to the listen. Listen to a sample on Audible here.

The book is so good! So much so that I am going to re-listen to it this week. As intense as it was, I want to go back and see what I might have missed first time around. Robert Ellis is going on my ‘future reads’ list. Looking forward to reading more.


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Author: Merry Citarella

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