The Advent of Autumn: Pic of the Week

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The Advent of Autumn.

What does autumn mean to you? With the autumn equinox occurring during late September, for some it means the end of summer and the gradual decline into the cold winter months, for others it means beautiful fall colours and temperatures dropping to acceptable levels.

For the communities around me here in France, late summer and early autumn is the season of harvest. From cutting and bringing in the wheat, sunflowers and corn, to collecting sweet chestnuts, and mushroom and berry picking, this time of year is the period of great bounty.

The Advent of Autumn

Squash and pumpkins might be ready, the skins left to harden off outdoors, the last of the tomatoes are gathered and turned into passata, perhaps peppers and chillies are stored by freezing or drying on strings.

The plentiful supplies are brought together and made ready for storage and use over the lean wintertime. Do you watch the leaves turn to wondrous colours or even collect them? Do the acorns rattle beneath your feet? Perhaps you notice animals, such as squirrels, getting ready for the colder and freezing temperatures by hoarding nuts and heaping up fresh bedding.

We’ve already picked and stowed our wonderfully large cooking apples and the eating apples should be ready during October. Do you do anything special for Halloween at the end of October or Bonfire Night in the UK in early November? Toffee apples used to be a favourite of mine when I was a child at this time of year, and I must try to remember to find my mum’s parkin recipe.

The autumn season is full of natural wonders just waiting to be noticed. If you get a sunny day why not pop out somewhere locally and see what you can spot, or if the weather is against you perhaps you might like to take a look at some of my other autumn photos from this magical season.

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    • I like that too, though we don’t get very many of those here. Will be looking out at the weekend. 🙂

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