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Adventure travel means going on a responsible and sustainable adventure holiday with companies that have brilliant track records for respecting the places they take you to and the people who welcome you.

I urge you to take a minute to look into this kind of travel because it may inspire you to do something different! You don’t have to get involved in daring and dangerous things, you just need to want to see and experience the real world. It’s about meeting new people on their home ground, and learning about their way of life.


Intrepid Travel is an award winning small group adventure travel company with amazing grass root type trips in South America.

Let’s start as an example with a trip to Machu Picchu – Intrepid Travel knows that people who visit this sacred place are looking for something very special – an experience that will live with them forever – that will change the way they perceive the world itself!

So this 21 day trip has many incredible highlights including; a visit to a local community in the sacred valley, a traditional life homestay experience, a hike in the Cola Canyon and a cruise around the islands on Lake Titicaca. Click on the image below for more information:

Adventure tours of South America:

Then there’s Intrepid Travel’s fantastic La Paz to Santiago trip.

This is a Basix trip, which means you will be free to set your own daily budget and not be obliged to do extra activities, or to eat in expensive restaurants. You are in control of your budget.

The trip starts in beautiful Bolivia, and you will travel overland on public transport, which means you will get a lot of opportunities to meet local people. You will be travelling through the spectacular Andes.

La Paz is a vibrant place, full of history and culture. I was struck by how safe it was when I was there. I remember local women standing in beautiful squares with cash in their hands ready to change the tourists’ dollars – that is something I have never seen anywhere else. This was a few years ago so things may be different now – but somehow I doubt it!

Here are some of the highlights of this 21 day trip:

  • Travel through Bolivia and the salt flats of Salar de Uyuni and the Laguna Colorada
  • In Argentina you will ride horses to the Pampas and live on a working cattle ranch!
  • Then you’ll visit Chile and experience the excitement of Santiago.

This is an action packed trip. Click on the image below for more details.

These are just a couple of trips that stood out but there are many others on Intrepid Travel’s amazing site. People who care run Intrepid’s trips responsibly, and they have expert guides with a deep connection with special places and the people who live and work in them.

Don’t forget to order a brochure while you’re there!

Click here > South America Trips for more adventure holidays from other amazing companies.



Giovanna Sanguinetti has been a teacher for many years and loves teaching dyslexic children. She is a qualified and experienced teacher of drama and theatre arts too. Her big love is theatre directing. She lives in London and is currently embarking on a very exciting project home educating her son through his exams years of school. While she does this she will continue writing online about education. Giovanna also loves adventure travel and is passionate about responsible and sustainable travel. She enjoys writing about this and has her own brand-new website. She is also the Travel Feature Editor on Tastes Magazine.

Author: Jackie Jackson

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  1. My wife and I are Indian passport holders resident in Boston for the year, under US J1 & J2 Visas. We have multiple entry visas for Brazil also.
    It is our intention to undertake a 2-3 week tour of South American cultural, historic, and scenic highlights between mid May and 1st Week of June 2016, ending preferably in Sao Paulo.
    Please let us know the suitable itineraries, dates and costs for escorted/guided tours offered by your company in the above period.

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