African Wood Carvings

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African drums, masks and sculptures by Eric Darko.

carvingEric Darko is an artist living and working in his home country, Ghana. He was taught traditional wood carving by his brother when he was still at school. Today, Eric makes his living creating beautiful hand carved works of art.

In the days before the internet, it was difficult for artists such as Eric to be appreciated by those of us who are at the other side of the world but today, Eric’s artworks are available to us all to buy online.

And they are fabulous. The sculpture entitled Royal Horn Blower that you see on the right is an example. This depicts the traditional messengers who would travel from village to village announcing the king’s messages to the people.

Eric creates most of his sculptures from sustainable sese wood and also he makes traditional African drums and masks. All make wonderful décor items for your home or workplace.

They are also a great gift idea. You can see more examples in the photograph further down the page and they all make interesting conversation pieces. What’s more, prices start – unbelievably – at below fifty dollars. What a small price to pay for genuine African art.

Visit the website.

See more of Eric Darko’s artwork






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