Anolon Hard Anodized Cookware, for more even cooking

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The Value of One Good Set of Pans Until my husband gave me this set of hard anodized Anolon pans one year, I never thought the quality of pans mattered much when cooking. For several decades, the pans would wear out every few years, and a new set would replace them. I never thought much about it.

The first time I cooked with the new hard anodized calphalon pans, I learned the difference. They were–and are still–amazing.

Now I’m reformed, so naturally I have this need to convince everyone else too. Check the reviews if you are comparing. While some other cookware sets reportedly doesn’t hold up well, Anolon gets consistent good to excellent reviews. I’d give them five stars.

While this set was a little more expensive than some other cookware choices, turns out they were worth every penny. They might even save you money when you don’t burn food anymore or have to replace your old worn pans. I highly recommend them! If you see the photos below of my set, you’ll see why. They are still like new.

This set above  turned out to be a perfect combination for our household. It comes with all you’ll need! Skillets, saucepans, and dutch oven, all in the right variety of sizes.

Heavier Pans for Better Cooking

To give my new pots a fair test, I fried chicken first day. It was incredible. I used the largest skillet which gave me plenty of room for ten to 12 pieces. It cooked so evenly! That is what surprised me the most.

Mom had always told me that a heavier pan allowed for more even cooking. I should have paid attention when she said that! Every piece browned perfectly, it didn’t stick or peel off the chicken batter when I turned a piece. I was impressed!

Even though it maintained a very hot temp for nearly an hour, there was no scorching or burning in the pan, and the chicken cooked beautifully. Even clean up was easier. Nothing so cooked on that it had to be scrubbed or soaked.

I’m not sure if it is the thickness of the pan or the quality of it that has enabled the set to last so long. Probably both. More than twelve years later, I am still using the same pans nearly every day, and loving them. I suspect they may last several generations! Even the glass lids are still in excellent condition.

So I’ve been convinced. Rather than invest in the basic, inexpensive pots (as well as some other kitchen items), I’ve learned to invest in higher quality that will not only last, longer, but also work more effectively. When you divide the twelve-plus-years I’ve had them into the price, they were very inexpensive! Definitely worth it!

A 12 Piece Set from Anolon

Another great set from Anolon with 12 pieces. One less skillet, one more big sauce pan, plus a steamer insert for the stock pot. If it suits your needs better it is a good choice too.

Want to Grill on Your Stovetop?

Here are a couple of other products I love to use.

First the utensils. I try not to use metal on my pans. Maybe that is why they still look like new, though the manufacturer says you can use metal.

The grill is so handy now that a bar-b-que is no longer available. It’s my favorite way to cook salmon.

A Ridged Stove Top Grill 

And the grill I have. It is wonderful for stove top grilling salmon, burgers or steaks. The same even heating with ridges to allow fats to drain. Also leaves the lines like an outdoor grill.

Utensil Set for Calphalon

Anolon says metal utensils may be used on these pans, but I avoid it most of the time. This set offers a great variety for every need. Gives the pans a little more protection.


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