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In a Reuter’s article dated March 10th, it announced that Poland has developed “mini army drones” that can work right from infantry units.  Designed so several can fit on an armored personnel carrier, they can be controlled from technology the size of a tablet.
The individual drone can be equipped with cameras AND explosive devices.  It can act as a guided missile. Some have been designed to get near a target and then explode.

In another article I read that the White House secret service is conducting tests to detect and remove the threat of drones that may approach.  You may recall, in January one landed on the lawn at the White House.  It was not a threat, but it did demonstrate a potential risk that could go far beyond that single structure.

Then lastly, another article said it won’t be long before drones are able to fly autonomously. Currently the ‘pilot’ has to direct it.  If they can avoid wires, buildings, etc., themselves, take off and land themselves, what more independent actions will they be programmed to handle?

Author Daniel Suarez and drones

It’s fascinating to read about drones, especially after reading Daemon and Kill Decision by Daniel Suarez.  It reminded me so much of his books that I had to remind you of them too.

In his first novel, Daemon, Mr. Suarez shows us the possible capability of these small machines.  From simple surveillance to being armed in some way, his drones were able to act more effectively than humans could.  Their flight and hover ability would make them difficult to escape.

While I haven’t yet read Freedom, part two of Mr. Suarez’ popular story, I have read a subsequent book called Kill Decision.  In that book, the capability of drones is taken even further when they are armed in still new ways.

Extreme or coming soon?

What do you think?  At times both books seemed almost science fiction, a bit beyond belief.  Yet the premise is surely sound.   You can see the possibilities ahead.  Any country will probably be capable of developing drones. Even individuals probably can.   They will be reasonably low cost which will make them even more popular and more widespread.  If a company such as Amazon is considering them for deliveries, it’s clear just how common drones could become.

The question is what all will they be capable of doing?

I wonder how we will react to them in ten years.  Will they be an issue?  A fear?  Or simply a convenience?  It may be of some concern when you remember that anyone could have them.  What might seem bizarre or far-fetched today may be a commonplace risk in the near future.

I hope you will read the books by Daniel Suarez and let me know what you think.  You can read my reviews here for Daemon and Kill Decision.

If you would like to read further, here is the Reuter’s article.


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