Throw pillows as art

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Can throw pillows be considered art?

bring_your_gameThere was a time when I was quite snooty about it.To me, art was seen on walls.

I was tolerant enough to think that sculpture was art and that some ceramics, jewellery and so on could be classed as art but household items?

I didn’t think so. But I’ve changed my mind in recent years.

Product design went through a quiet revolution some years ago. Suddenly items such as lemon squeezers (Philippe Starck), vacuum cleaners (James Dyson) and watches (Karim Rashid) were getting prestigious design awards.

Then I realised that I had art, in the form of furniture, in my own home – my Eames and Bertoia chairs.

As time goes on, design principles are applied to can-openers, mixing bowls and even the most mundane kitchen utensils. I’ve even been known to buy dish soap (Method) because of the bottle design.

Textiles have always been included on the ‘fringe’ of the art world. Who can deny that the world famous Marimekko fabrics are art? So I’m delighted to share these newly-designed throw pillows with you. The images are photographs, taken on the beach at dawn. It’s wonderful that you can have just a little part of the early morning beach in your home every day.

Although they look fabulous in nautical or coastal themed decors, they will match any room and bring Florida sunshine into your home permanently.

See more below and click on the images to find out more or to order. Prints are also available.







All images © Andy Royston.

You can visit his online art store here.

See all throw pillows here.




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Author: Jackie Jackson

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