Authentic French Onion Soup

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Authentic French Onion Soup

French onion soup is not difficult to make but the onions do need special attention and they have to be cooked properly before you make the soup otherwise they will be too sweet.

French onion soup is eaten in France all year round and it is served with croutons and gruyere cheese, which makes it a very filling and nutritious meal.

The beauty of this delicious soup is that once it is cooked it does not taste of onions at all – but has a wonderful rich flavor and it is quite nutty.

It is a special soup because it is served as a main course in France. My Aunt is from Paris and she taught me the recipe.

The secret is to cut the onions as finely as you can and then make sure that you cook them in a pot before adding the stock. They should be cooked in some sugar and sweated down until they are soft and have changed color, but the sugar should have formed a sticky film at the bottom of the pan. You must be patient and make sure that this stage is done, it takes about half an hour for the onions to cook properly over a very, very low heat.

Here’s a great tip: if you chill your onions for about half an hour in the fridge before slicing them they will not make you cry as much!

Onions and garlic are very, very good for you and they should be part of your daily diet, so this soup is a great choice as it has both onion and garlic in it. You can substitute the onions for more garlic if you prefer, this will not make the soup taste like garlic because the cooking will change its flavor completely. Never forget that we’re talking about French cuisine here not just ordinary vegetable soup!

It really is delicious and well worth the effort to make. Once the onions are cooked the rest of the recipe is very simple.

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  1. I love french onion soup. My husbands grandmother was born in Paris as well as his Mother. His grandmother taught me some cooking and I had this for the first time back then in 1970. I am lucky that my daughter cooks for us and makes this for us at least once every 2 months. Great article and recipe!

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