Baby’s Best Blanket: 100% Cotton from aden + anais

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100% Muslin Cotton Equals Super Softness

aden + anais Muslin Dream Blankets for babies have been at the top of the last three baby registries I’ve seen. I’m starting to think I should order them by the dozen to have them on hand. Both my niece and my nephew requested them, along with the aden + anais swaddles.

Parents prefer natural fabrics and products today. They lean away from man-made fibers which can tend to make a baby less comfortable or too warm.

Just as so many are preparing organic food for babies themselves to avoid preservatives. They’re using less disposable diapers to help the environment, choosing instead reusable ones like those by BumGenius (another favorite). Perhaps that is why this blanket has become so popular. It is not polyester.

The aden + anais blanket is made from super soft 100 percent muslin cotton. That makes the blanket breathable so baby won’t overheat in the warmer months, yet its 4 layered thickness provides warmth for cooler months. They are also a large size, measuring 47 inches by 47 inches. The natural fiber makes it less likely that the child will have a reaction to the fabric or develop a rash from it.

Choose Your Design

We’ve given a few as baby gifts now. The first one, over a year ago, was in the giraffe pattern. It’s still being used and still in great condition. They are very durable. It’s is adorable, cozy and seems to get softer over time. This purchase was even before Prince William’s baby made his first appearance with one too! Since then we’ve bought another with a matching crib sheet in the blue star pattern.

They make the sweetest selection of patterns. Our next one is the elephants hanging from stars. I think it may be my favorite, at least this week. There are many color and design options to choose from. The patterns are unique and charming.

We love the feel of the fabric, the fact that it is 100% cotton. Plus, the parents love the blanket as much as the babies do. They provide proof with photos of their adorable babies wrapped up in them or laying on them.

Now they even make one in adult sizes, a throw measuring 5 feet by 6 feet! I’ve put it on my personal wish list, not to mention several lists for my family. The larger size would be perfect for kids a little older too. Everyone–every age–loves a soft blanket.

aden + anais, Great Products, Natural Fabrics

Here are some other great products from aden + anais. You can see why they have become so popular. Moms can’t have enough of the swaddle cloths. They are now a must for any baby on our list. The four pack of swaddles are extremely versatile and useful too. Be sure to look at the darling designs they offer–they are so cute.

Crib sheets are wonderful in cotton fabric since they breathe under the baby.  You know how warm little ones can get.  The fabric in aden + anais will keep them more comfortable.

The oversize over the shoulder bibs are perfect for burping. You can see them all below.  There is a sweet selection that you will love and use for years.

The Crib Sheet by aden+anais

Soft, soft, breathable cotton for a good nights sleep for baby. They come in a bit variety, including the giraffe design if you’d like them to match. 4.5 stars out of 5 stars.

aden + anais Swaddle Blankets, A 4 Pack 

Moms LOVE these! Over 1650 Ratings for 5 stars! Perfect size for swaddling, in super soft 100% muslin breathable cotton. Lighter weight than the blanket, but still larger than most swaddle cloths. That makes it easier to wrap around the baby and still allow comfort.

Large Burpy Bibs from aden + anais

These burpy bibs are so popular today, and it’s easy to see why! A large long bib to wear over your own shoulder while burping baby. Plenty of coverage and in the same 100% muslin cotton. Adorabe patterns to choose from. Another top choice for parents today. This product also has a 5 Star rating, with over 650 ratings!


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