Back to the Future Quiz

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 Back to the Future: Classic movies.

Back to the Future

Back to the Future: Quiz

If you watched Back to the Future in the cinema, then I’m about to make you feel old. The first in the series was released in 1985 – that’s thirty years ago. I know, it seems like just a few years, doesn’t it?  And now all three of the Back to the Future films have become classics, and deservedly so. They are easy to watch and a lot of fun. Time travel is always fascinating.

When Back to the Future II was made, it took Marty McFly thirty years into the future – to 2015. I wonder if the actors and people involved realised that the film would still be enjoyed all those years later?

How much do you know about Back to the Future? Take the quiz

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  2. Jackie, Thanks for taking us Back to the Future!! Great movies and what a fun Quiz. Sam

    • They were wonderful films, Sam:)

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