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Setting Realistic Priorities.

By Stacey J Nelson Ph.D.

What would your life be like if you lived today as though it were the last day of your life? What do you think some of the tasks you would like to accomplish would be? Some might call such a list a “Bucket List” What would you call your list of things to do?

Every day we are challenged by so many activities, and it’s easy to loose track of time, people, places, and things. Many others may not have the same time clock as you. Many have different goals, objectives, needs, and wants. I suggest making To Do lists, and using sticky tab reminder slips of paper and tacking them up on a bulletin Board or wall, and throw away each sticky piece of paper when you complete the task.

How we prioritize our needs and wants, and attempt to accomplish what we think is most important can change from day to day, minute by minute, and hour by hour. When we set priorities, it’s important to categorize what is urgent, important, can wait, and for what period of time. When you set goals, give yourself a day, time, week, month, or year to accomplish this goal. Some people set goals, but are unrealistic about the time frame.

I find “Making my Quiet Time” a daily priority, but how often my quiet time can get pushed out of the way, in order to accomplish a specific task for the day. I continue to be challenged by setting my own daily or weekly priorities and objectives in a realistic manner. The old expression “I don’t have time for that” can often be an excuse for not being able to prioritize in a realistic way. Time does not change, except for “Daylight Savings Time”. It’s up to us to use our time in the most productive way.

What will you accomplish today?

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Stacey J Nelson – Licensed Psychotherapist /Motivational Trainer/Coach and Consultant – is an Integrative Psychotherapist” helping people develop  “Mindfulness” and “Peace of Mind”.She has been Adjunct Faculty at more than 20 universities and Community college. Dr Nelson facilitates Seminars and is in private practice in Boca Raton/Delray Beach.  Watch for new seminars, scheduled in the Fall 2016 in Boca Raton and Delray Beach,and by video Skype Consulting. Individual appointments for  Psychotherapy, Coaching, and Consulting.Complete the contact form on her website to inquire about her programs and services. (561) 859-7779.

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