Beach out your Dorm Room

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Bring the ocean along, wherever you go

If you have a student going away to college soon, you will know how important it is to find a comfortable style for their personal space in a dorm.  Something stylish, something that reflects their likes and their taste, and something cheerful yet relaxing.

Since beach is synonymous with relax, what better atmosphere for a college dorm room? Soothing colors, the sound of the ocean, will help a student concentrate when studying, and sleep better at night.

In high school and then college, I was lucky to live near the beach. Anytime it was warm enough, and sometimes when it wasn’t, we’d head there to get some sun, swim, surf or relax.

I suppose kids will always choose to hang out in the sand. It’s a great place to meet friends and enjoy the fresh ocean air.  Beach towels in the sand, flip flops, seashells, and starfish will always remind me of the days by the ocean.

It is easy to bring that sense into a dorm room.  You can do it in a variety of styles too.  Ocean waves, bright colors, or a more elegant, plush look.  Let’s start with bedding since that will probably be the largest focal point in the room.

Gentle Waves

Let’s start with the Blue Wave comforter set.  Modern enough for the college age, yet mellow colors you won’t tire of in a week.  There is something soothing about the color aqua.  Perhaps it reminds us of island beaches, calm, inviting, and warm.

The set here is shown in twin size, but is available in all sizes, depending on your needs.  This set includes the reversible comforter, a pillow sham, the sheet set and the bedskirt.  All you need in one set.

Elegance by a Sandy Beach

For a more elegant look that retains the flavor of the beach, here is an excellent choice.  The color could be the island waters.  Luxurious, with designs of the sea.  This set contains the comforter, bed skirt and two shams.  It’s 100% cotton too, so it is breathable.  Refreshing for any climate.

Prefer Bright and Playful?

You might enjoy this quilt in that case.  Orange starfish with the aqua panels certainly lightens a room.  The quilt is sold separately for this one, but pillows and bedskirt are available too.

What an awesome feeling to bring to a dorm room. The colors are summer, the design the ocean.

Let’s see now, what else might you need to suit the mood.   This large decal would be perfect to me.  Mount it along the wall the bed is on, and you have an instant escape.  Who wouldn’t love to open French doors onto the sand?  Again, the colors are light and airy, peaceful and relaxing.

It wouldn’t be practical to have sand underfoot, so instead put a sweet rug along side, and you’re nearly finished.

Waves and Starfish in a Rug

No matter what flooring the dorm room has, a soft starfish rug will feel so good on the toes. Step out of bed onto a cozy little throw rug with starfish and waves. This one is designed by Mary Wright. It feels like wool, but it acrylic, backed with cotton. Machine washable, which is essential for a dorm room!

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Don’t Forget These Items…

Your pillow — a mattress cover — towels — a surge protector — extra chargers for your tech gear — storage containers that will fit under the bed — a clothes hamper or bag — a desk lamp — a small bookshelf — a mini sewing kit — a sleep mask — a selection of small plastic food storage containers — a variety of ziploc bags to hold all sorts of things — a desk lamp. Why not throw in your sleeping bag too. A microwave – a coffee maker or electric tea kettle.[/box]

For the Beach Ambience – Must have the sounds…

These small but effective sound machines are becoming more and more popular. They definitely aren’t just for babies! I think a this one is a perfect addition if we are beaching it. Listen to the ocean, or other sounds in nature, while studying or going to sleep. It sounds so relaxing I’d enjoy one right now.

It will help drown out noise outside your room. Don’t feel like the ocean some nights? One of the other six might suit you. Try the rain forest, or a waterfall. Just hearing the sounds of nature can help you feel like you are there. It may even remind you of home.

Nature Sound Machine from HoMedics

Maintain your focus with the relaxing sounds of nature. It has an auto time even for bedtime. Great for tuning out other dormitory noises so you can study. Very useful at bedtime to take you away to a dream of sandy beaches. Besides the ocean, you can even a listen to a heartbeat.

Don’t forget the walls! – Cute yet practical

There are so many beach-y ideas to choose to put on the wall. Hooks are essential, so I’d include the flip flop hooks here. You could mount narrow shelves to stand starfish and sand dollars on, or use seashell stencils. In case there is any doubt, the Beach sign will help all remember where they are.

 Beach Sign

Just in case it isn’t clear that you are sporting a beach theme, add this sign to define it. The colors go perfectly with the comforter and rug to carry out that relaxing, breezy feeling.

Flip Flop Wall Hooks

Click here for the grand finale.  Hang these cute wooden flip flops anywhere.  A hook on each one makes them perfect to quickly hang a bathrobe, jacket,  or perhaps even a backpack.  The colors blend beautifully. They are very stylish for the beachcomber.

What else could you use?   If you have the space…

I’d add a little bookcase to sit at the foot of the bed, if you have the room. Whether you use if for books, for a coffee maker, a small microwave, or seashells, it’s always handy to have the extra room. Get doors on it if you want to hide the contents. A dorm isn’t known for being super spacious, so any little storage boxes will be handy.

Don’t forget the space under the bed either! Handy plastic containers with wheels for easy sliding are available. It’s especially handy for seasonal schools where you have seasonal wear to store.

If there isn’t room for one at the foot of the bed, you might fit in a tall one that is very narrow. Use baskets to hold items together. You could have one for school and computer supplies, one for toiletries, one for extra towels, one for odds and ends. You can never have too much storage!

The soft colors here, the relaxing design, are sure to make the college experience even better.  Good luck wherever you go to school!


Merry Citarella, often writing as Merrci, writes on a wide range of topics. Recently relocated to the Oregon Coast in the northwest United States, she frequently writes travel features on the beautiful Pacific Northwest. She specializes in health and aging, Alzheimer’s Disease, food, lifestyle, and book reviews. For more information you can see her on The Writers’Door. You can read more articles here or at her websites Mystery Suspense Reviews .

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