Bean Burritos with Cauliflower: You won’t know it’s there

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Bean Burritos with Cauliflower: You won’t know it’s there

If you are trying to lighten up the meal you serve now that the holidays are over, here is a recipe you will enjoy. These delicious, rich burritos are much lower in calorie and fat than you would expect. Yet they taste even better.

Burritos are a favorite of mine. I like that are easily made at home, any size you want, and that you know exactly what ingredients are going into them.

To lighten up the recipe I used a can of fat free refried beans. If I have my own beans made, I will mash them instead. Getting the fat free variety doesn’t take away the taste, but does help lower fat content.

Making them even lighter I use riced cauliflower. It is quick and easy to grate cauliflower or chop it into very small bites. Once mixed with the beans it not only stretches the meal to make more, but also reduces the calories more. As you will see in the recipe, I use the Ninja Master Prep to quickly chop the whole cauliflower into various sized pieces. If I’m not using it right away, I’ll freeze it into small bags to add to food as I need it.

Fussy eaters who will say no to cauliflower? Try these once, and see if they even know it’s there. Surprisingly, the cauliflower blends in beautifully and seems to take on the flavor of the bean. You can’t taste it in there. It actually will look more like rice. Add some salsa, hot sauce if you like, melt some low fat cheese on top, and you have a delicious, very satisfying dinner.

You can get the full recipe here.

I like to serve these with Mexican Cabbage Salad. It’s a light salad with a wonderful Mexican flavor. It goes well with any Mexican dish you serve.




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