Molkky: A Great Outdoor Game

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Molkky: Europe’s most popular outdoor game.

molkky2Coming from Finland, Molkky is a game that is fun, can be played anywhere and is planet-friendly.

It can be enjoyed by all ages, all skill levels and, unlike other games, can be played by small or large groups of people.

What’s more, it’s stylish, safe and sustainable – oh, and great fun to play.

The fabulous Molkky

The game is a cross between skittles and the traditional French boules and for almost twenty years, it’s been Europe’s most popular outdoor game Because it’s fun for everyone. Now those of us in other countries can find out just why.

As you can see, the game pieces are made from sustainable Finnish wood and as you can tell from the photograph above, come in their own carrying crate. The product is one hundred percent natural and uses no dyes or chemicals in its production which means that you’re buying and using something that is completely safe.

mollkyWhat makes the game even more adaptable is that it can be played on just about any outdoor surface so you can use it anywhere in your yard. It’s great on the beach, set up on the grass in the park or even in the gravel of the parking lot. You can see how to play in the video below and what adds to the fun is that unlike skittles or similar games, the game ‘board’ changes with every turn.

Although it can be called a game of tactics, players need no special skills and one owner reported that even her two year old joins in. Children and adults love this game and it’s an excellent diversion at picnics, barbecues or for days in the countryside or at the beach.

There is even a free app for your phone that will keep score for you!

As you can see in the video below, it’s easy to play but tactics can be used too.

What I love about this game is that you don’t have to be an athletic person to join in (or to win). Granddad (or even great granddad) can play with the rest of the family. The pieces tidily pack away in their carrying crate when you’re done and if they do need a clean, it’s a simple matter of wiping them quickly with a cloth.

No tacky plastics in garish colours, no toxic chemicals or dyes, just good, clean fun for everyone.


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Author: Jackie Jackson

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