Bitter Moon, by Alexandra Sokoloff

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A Review of “Bitter Moon”

The Huntress Series Continues! Much to the delight of her growing number of fans. Take a young child, Cara Lindstrom, the only survivor in her family after a horrific attack, and give her time to grow up. Victim though she is, she now feels no choice but to hunt the evil that nearly killed her.

Her skills bring in the FBI, specifically Special Agent Matthew Roarke. As he investigates and learns about the child’s past, he has trouble finding her actions completely wrong. The connection grows between them with each new novel.

Once again, author Alexandra Sokoloff drew me in immediately when I started the fourth book in the Huntress/FBI Thrillers Series. Ms. Sokoloff gets off to a very good start when she writes. I’m very impressed with her skill, the angles she uses, the premise itself of her very wounded heroine, the tug Matthew Roarke feels with each encounter…All come together for a suspenseful and captivating read.

The Story

In Bitter Moon, Roarke comes out of his self imposed retreat after receiving a phone call. Once again he is unable to resist going after news of Cara.

Yet we find Cara as a young teen, trying to survive after the horror and tragedy she has experienced. Flashing back between her past and Roarke’s present is engrossing. If you haven’t read any of the series, you would appreciate starting with book one. While this reads great on its own, the background—and connection—between Cara and Roarke, is so well developed along the way of the other books. You will enjoy each of the fast stories, and appreciate how they build to book four.

Even as Roarke tries to leave the case alone and distance himself, he uncovers clues that lead him to more young damaged girls. How many were there? How many died?

With little hints from many directions, Roark searches. The scenes and the characters are so well portrayed you will feel like you are there with them, wanting resolution, wanting answers to what happened those many years ago. Young girls, survivors, until they weren’t anymore

It is such a pleasure when a reader becomes invested in the story they are reading. That is exactly what happens in Bitter Moon wiith every twist, every insight.

You may find yourself considering vigilante justice a plausible route to right some of the terrible wrongs that escape notice. You will surely understand Roarke’s predicament.

Wonderful book AND series! I’ll look forward to what comes next.

I read this one, but I see it is available through Audible as well, narrated by R C Bray. You can listen to a sample here, if you like.  Either way, don’t miss it!


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Author: Merry Citarella

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