Blue cheese butter recipe – simple & tasty

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Blue cheese butter recipe – simple & tasty

Blue cheeseBlue cheese butter adds a great wonderful flavour to so many different foods and is also delicious eat on its own, spread onto high-quality crackers.

I first saw this on a very long and complex recipe for a steak dish by Heston Blumenthal. Even though we don’t eat meat, the combination of blue cheese and butter was irresistible!

For steak, the chef recommends you use Stilton. We’ve used Stilton for this, particularly if you’re going to eat the blue cheese butter on its own on crackers but there are so many gorgeous blue cheeses,that we’ve used many different types depending on the meal.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Dolcelatte is an Italian cheese.Use butter made using this cheese melted over fresh pasta.Experiment with other Italian cheeses, too
  • French Bleu d’Auvergne is also delicious with pasta and has a strong flavour which makes it perfect to melt over plain boiled potatoes or other relatively bland vegetables
  • Dorset or Shropshire blue, both from England, are fabulous spread onto warm bread fresh from baking in the oven
  • Roquefort butter is delicious melted over lightly cooked mushrooms – this makes a great appetiser

You can use this blue cheese butter in so many instances where you would normally use plain butter. Someone I know recently made potted shrimp using Spanish Cabrales cheese – that was totally incredible.

Making the blue cheese butter is so easy. You need equal quantities of the cheese of your choice and fresh butter.The better quality the butter, the better the result.

Refrigerate the butter to make it easier to slice then cut lengthwise slices from both the cheese and the butter. About  half centimetre thick is about right. Then stack the slices – place a slice of butter on a piece of parchment paper, top with a slice of butter, add another slice of cheese and so on until you have an approximate cube. Wrap this in the paper and refrigerate.

Depending on how much cheese and butter you have, you might make several of these ‘parcels’.  Ideally,this should be left for two days – if you can bear the wait. To use, cut the block of cheese butter into squares – about the size of large sugar cubes. THey are now ready to use in the way of your choice.

So very good!







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