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A Great Way to Record and Remember What You’ve Read

What an excellent idea this is–a book journal for reader!. I just ran across this while looking for something totally different. That’s my favorite kind of shopping.

Off the top of my head I can think of six people to get this for as a gift. And it would be a great gift for any occasion. It’s something I wish I had ten or twenty years ago. Thirty years would be even better. It would be a kick to read today what I thought of books I read back then!

My family reads a lot. I can remember the names of so many books, and tell you that I loved them, but I would have a hard time describing many of the books to you or even remembering what some were about. Had I written down the dates, with a little summary of why I liked it, It would be so much easier.

There are just too many to recall (at least I hope that is the reason for my forgetfulness). Plus, if I wanted to share a book, or do a review perhaps, it would be nice to have a memory refresher. I suppose I can add one more reason, though it does cause some embarrassment. Have you read a book then got another copy because you’d forgotten it? I have. Go ahead, you can admit it too. I hope I’m not the only one who’s done that.

What’s Inside The Book Journal

This particular journal, besides having an adorable cover that include as old-fashioned card catalog, will give you space for the date, stars for rating, and what you learned from the book that may have inspired you.

Even if you only list and date the journal, think how much easier it will be. I hope to put at least a two or three line summary for each book, as well as some key memories from the book.

Every so often, the journal includes a variety of pages to increase your enjoyment. You will find pages such as these:

  • Choose your favorite genre, author.
  • Books you have on hand to read.
  • Favorite quotes from your books.
  • Books made into movies–always interesting to compare.
  • Even lists of books by authors where you can pick your favorite.
  • Books you must read.
  • There is even a section to record books loaned out or borrowed.

Things like that make a journal more personal, more useful and more fun.

A book like this is something any one, any age can use and enjoy. I’ll definitely be getting several of these to have for family members and friends. This year I’d better put one on the list for myself too. This will be very handy.

My Bibliofile: A Reading Journal for Book Lovers

Similar to the one I’ve listed here. You’ll find extra pages where you can write if one book led to another, list of books you want to read, what subjects inspire you to read more.


Gifting Ideas

Each of us can probably think of a few people who would enjoy a journal like this. It’s such a nice and adaptable gift, I plan on order four or five extras to have on hand. It’s priced right too for many of the ideas here. Here are some ideas I’ve come up with that I might use one for:

  • Family
  • Friends
  • A hostess gift
  • Book club gift
  • A new parent gift for their children’s books
  • A young reader–A book like this for children will inspire them to read more, but it might also inspire them to write
  • A secret sister gift
  • A teacher gift
  • Any gift exchange
  • Parents–so they can share their favorites with you and your children
  • Add it to the gift of a book you are giving someone, so they can record it
  • A thank you gift

If you love books, you will enjoy the journal.

A Book Lover’s Diary

Besides loving the cover on this journal, I like that it has books read, books you want to read, books you must read again, and more. Great to track your favorites–or not!


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Author: Merry Citarella

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