Book Review: A Short Guide to a Long Life, by David B. Agus, MD

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A Short Guide to a Long Life

This short guide to a long life, by David B. Agus, MD,, is just that. It’s a very interesting book with a lot of little tips. It starts right off with a little historical lesson from Hippocrates, back around the 3rd century BC, giving his recommendations to maintain health. As he was considered the father of Western medicine, no doubt he had a lot to say.

The very first one the author lists is, “Walking is man’s best medicine.”

Some 2300 years later, it is still probably the top suggestion by doctors today for multiple symptoms, and is still considered one of the most effective methods for maintaining one’s health.

The second he lists is, “Let Food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

That sets the tone for this easy-to-read book on living a long life. It is made up of three sections; what to do, what to avoid, and Doctors orders. Each section is divided into many short (3 or 4 pages) chapters about the topic. Many cover things we already know, but for which we still need reminders. But there was new information for me as well.

Dr. Agus believes strongly in eating real food. He describes that as nothing that needs a nutritional label. That in itself is a good premise to begin.

If you are interested in learning more about the best foods for your brain, you can read another article I’ve written, Top Foods for a Healthy Brain.

No More Supplements?

Dr. Agus also believes you should get rid of all vitamins and supplements. That must be rather controversial these days, and it inspires me to look into it further. One example he shows is how antioxidants can block our body’s built-in ability to control itself (health wise). It is possible that could do harm rather than good. Since antioxidants are said to be so good in many ways, that means it requires more investigation. That too is a good thing. Anything I read that makes me want to know more is a positive.

I can’t disagree though that it would be best if we got our nutrients from food, natural and healthy food. The less processed food the better.

From working with your doctor, to good hygiene, to getting a flu shot, to maintaining good posture, I think everyone can benefit from what Dr Agus has to say. I’m glad I have it. It will an easy reference as well, since I with my Kindle version I can just click on the topic in the table of contents and go right to that chapter.

One last thing for you to think about; Our heart pumps around 2,000 gallons of blood a day and beats more than 100,000 times in a day.

Isn’t it incredible when you actually stop and think about that? Cars need need batteries, new parts. So many of man’s inventions today require replacing within a few years, even with good care. Its quite profound that the human body keeps itself going the way it does. Well cared for it may do so for nearly one hundred years.

Considering the Food We Eat

Eliminating supplements completely could be inappropriate these days, but it did make me wonder how it could work.

As I have looked into the nutrients and nutritional value fruits and vegetables contain, it has opened my eyes to the possibility. You see so often that vegetables aid in cardiovascular health, digestive health, bone health, and so on. It’s really quite amazing to see how many areas they can help maintain within our bodies.

It’s true that our bodies are incredible machines, with all parts functioning and interdependent on other parts. What we provide our bodies through food can go a long way toward maintaining proper balance and function.

For instance, so many vegetables have anti-inflammatory properties. Inflammation can enable some diseases, even some forms of cancer So if we eat more vegetables that reduce inflammation, we are also reducing the risk of of some disease as well.

It’s true for brain health as well. Foods that are good for cardiovascular health help brain health as well. If the arteries and veins are clear of plaque build up, then blood flow is better to the brain.

You can see how it all interworks throughout our bodies. The easiest way to find out is to try it. Include more vegetables, exercise, commit to the idea, and then see what happens.

More Book Selections

Looking for more suggestions and tips? You might try one of the books shown below. If you are like me, I have so much to learn about improving my healthy diet. The more I read, the more likely it is that it will stick in my brain and become first choice. These selections aren’t overly technical, just fill with good ideas and advice.

The End of Illness

Another selection by Dr Agus. While his ideas may at times sound familiar, he manages to bring in controversy with some of his recommendations.


Healthy at 100

Here’s a popular book on the subject. It takes you to several locations where people do live the longest. An interesting book.



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