Book Review: Black Ice, by Greg Enslen

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Greg Enslen’s New Release:  Black Ice

Frank Harper isn’t your typical hero. He hasn’t really been the same since Katrina struck New Orleans. Nor have assignments since helped him. Drinking for courage and calm, his days often blur. His wife left him years ago. He can’t blame her. Then after getting shot, he can no longer be out in the world as a cop.

Yet he is trying. He has reconnected with his daughter and her son—his grandson. He does help out on investigations, even being responsible for solving a kidnapping case before the victim was killed.

This time around he is visiting his daughter and grandson. All he wants is time to spend with the two of them, rebuilding a relationship. Yet friends and strangers want his help. A contractor who has a client who won’t pay him. A family being threatened in their home. Divorce papers to deliver. All simple things. Why not?

It would appear that when Frank is around, nothing is that simple. Each request is well handled in the novel. At least until the last one. What would you do when serving papers only to find the address is a store rather than a hotel? Do you go home or look further?

In a suspenseful and entertaining plot, author, Greg Enslen, takes us through it. The blend of the stories is as interesting as the plans of a killer, as both are carefully constructed to consider the last detail.

Mr. Enslen has a good handle on the structure of the story, drawing us in closer and closer to see where each clue will lead. Even learning who the killer is fairly early in the story, you will still be pleased to see what happens along the way.

All leading to a dramatic, frightening conclusion that will have you holding on to your chair.

Available at Audible

It was even more entertaining to listen to the audio version of the book. The narrator, Mikael Naramore, keeps the pace moving. The various voices, male and female, were very well done. It was the first I’d heard Mr. Naramore narrating. I’ll be looking for more by him in the future. You can listen to a sample here.

The first book in this popular series is referred to several times in Black Ice. The setting of Cooper’s Mill is the same in both. If you want to read it first, start with A Field of Red, published in 2015. It’s available at Audible as well. You can easily start with Black Ice. It is definitely a stand alone.

The conclusion alludes to a third book in the series. Hopefully it will be out soon. I look forward to more of the imperfect, persevering Frank Harper. It should be interesting to see how his life is about to change.


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Author: Merry Citarella

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  1. Wow! Thanks for the glowing review! I’m hard at work on the third “Frank Harper” book, so look for that soon. And I often discount the Kindle versions of both titles–subscribers to my newsletter get notified on new titles, discounts and the like. Again, thanks for the nice review–glad you enjoyed “Black Ice!”

  2. This sounds like my kind of book! Thanks for the review.

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