Book Review: Body of Evidence, by Rachel Grant

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Book Two in The Evidence Series

Archaeologist Mara Garrett has a particular specialty. Her calling is discovering and retrieving bodies of people, soldiers, who lost their lives and went missing in foreign nations.

Unfortunately, that is how she finds herself facing a firing squad in North Korea. Rescued at the very last minute, she finds herself aboard a flight with the United States Prosecutor Curt Dominick. The very same attorney who is prosecuting her uncle for a variety of crimes.

Clearly, the two are on opposite sides, yet both feel an attraction that is interfering. While they resist, a different truth is revealed about North Korea, one that endangers Mara. Dominick is determined to protect her from further attempts on her life, but is he doing it for personal reasons or simply to get her help to convict her uncle.

With more factions entering the fray, more near misses as they try to stay ahead of killers, more clues uncovered, the two will be racing back to a courtroom drama, attempting to get there without being killed.  Someone seems always able to stay one step ahead of them.

Romantic Suspense

The story is well done, dramatic and edgy. Realistic characters, the romantic tension, the suspense blend together well for a fast paced, entertaining thriller.

Ms Grant is the author of several other novels that feature archaeologists. The Evidence series features different characters with their own stories. I look forward to reading more. I enjoyed the strength of the characters, the archaeology aspect, and the current day political issues.  The good intentions of the primary characters added to their likability as well.

If you prefer to start with book one, you will want to start with Concrete Evidence.  Each book appears to stand alone though, so go ahead and whet your appetite with Body of Evidence.  See if you aren’t looking for others in the series when you are finished.

Audible Presents…

I received the book in audio format published by Audible. It was very enjoyable, narrated by Nicol Zanzarella. Her voice suits the Mara well. She does very well distinguishing the other voices as well. Here’s a sample if you would like to listen. I so appreciate Audible for the ability to “read” more. It’s lovely continuing with the story even when I am running errands or cooking. Not only do they have an enormous–and growing–selection, they publish many themselves.  Love it!


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Author: Merry Citarella

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