Book Review: Code of Conduct, by Brad Thor

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Scot Harvath Returns in “Code of Conduct”

“Fast paced” isn’t quite sufficient to describe the excitement in Brad Thor’s novel, Code of Conduct. Constant action throughout is more like it. Time is short for Scot and his team, even shorter than they realize.

The scenario developed here by the author is as scary as it is possible. Since Mr. Thor is known to write fiction that sometimes becomes reality, it makes it even more frightening. Might it really happen in the near future?

Scot Harvath is sent to the Congo after a video arrives from an unknown source. The video shows armed men entering a rundown little hospital in a remote area. Now no one responds to calls or emails. What has happened to the staff and patients who were there, leads Scot on perhaps his most deadly assignment ever. To find out who was responsible for what occurred, the team must first discover why.

When clues narrow the search to one man, Scot and his team realize powerful people within his own country have a massive agenda that could cost the lives of millions. This task may be too big even for Scot. It is one thing to take down terrorists. How can a small team stop an a global virus.

The book is an amazing read, so fast paced you will want to finish it in one sitting. Luckily, I got the book through audible so I was able to do it in two.

It was great fun to have some familiar characters from earlier books, as well as several very likable new ones. Hopefully we will see more of them in future stories as well. The dialogue is well done, natural and fitting each individual character. We get to see more of Scot’s mindset, his honor and caring. Well written, thoroughly researched, and totally entertaining.

There is much to contemplate within the novel. Would you be prepared for whatever form a disaster may take? Perhaps of more concern these days is how easily we can be influenced. How manipulated do you think we are as a population? The more novels I read the more I wonder. Our responses can be predicted to circumstances. The way those circumstances are put into play is the frightening part. Could one person or one group control so much? That’s one part of what Brad explores in Code of Conduct.

The Scot Harvath Series

The Scot Harvath series by Brad Thor is one of the best in political thrillers. From the first, the excellent Lions of Lucerne, right up to Code of Conduct. You can pick up any one of them and enjoy it as a stand alone if you wish. Personally it was a pleasure getting to know series star, Scot Harvath, from the beginning, watching him respond to situations in different positions. Former seal, former secret service, he seems to have found his calling. As he says himself in the book, he wasn’t meant for defense. His forte is offense.

“Foreign Agent” Releases Today, June 14th

Code of Conduct is book fourteen in a series that still is fresh and as exciting as the first. June 14th, 2016 brings the fifteenth book. Foreign Agent will quickly become a bestseller without a doubt. Start with any of them.  If you like intrigue and political suspense like Vince Flynn you will love this one too.

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