Book Review: Deadly Deception, by Alexa Grace

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Alexa Grace’s “Deadly” Series Continues

Book two in the “Deadly” series by Alexa Grace, brings back two popular characters we met in Deadly Offerings, the first book in the series.  Frankie Douglas, Private detective, and Lane Hansen Police detective.  Both are very effective and quite likable.

The story has an intriguing premise.  Young pregnant girls, unable to keep their babies, consider themselves lucky that they have found an agency that will house them and provide medical care, a much needed support until the babies are born.

When one women changes her mind,  it begins an investigation that draw Lane and Frankie undercover as a married couple.  Since Lane had disappeared after one night with Frankie, she isn’t certain she wants anything to do with him.

Danger lurks all around them.  More victims, missing girls, a strange man…is it for one baby in particular or is it all about greed?  What would drive someone to kill?  Then Frankie and her family are in danger.  It becomes a race, one to cover up, one to save.

My Thoughts

It’s an enjoyable story.  The suspense surrounding the pregnant girls kept me listening until I was finished.  While the past shared between Lane and Frankie would influence their feelings, I liked that the book didn’t spend the entire book dealing with their prior encounter and the results.  The two clearly cared for each other still, so it was good to have them work together amicably.

I listened to the audio version of Deadly Deception. The series was narrated by Lorelei Avalon. I admit it took a little time to get used to her voice. She speaks slowly to accentuate the story.  Once I adjusted to that she did a fine job, handing the voice changes well.  The book was a great listen. It is so convenient to keep “reading” while I run errands or do things around the house.

The Audio Version

You can listen to a sample of the audiobook here on Audible.


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