Book Review: Fatal Affair, by Marie Force

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I was pleasantly surprised by Fatal Affair by Marie Force.

Released as an ebook in 2010, it appears to be her first venture into romantic suspense. She did a fine job of it too.  The book began the “Fatal” series featuring Samantha (Sam) Holland and Nick Cappuano.  The ninth in the series is scheduled for release in late summer, 2015.  Near as I can see most of her other books are romances.

The Mystery

The story was intriguing, and well handled.  It’s the night before an important vote in the Senate, on a bill that Senator John O’Connor has worked hard to pass.  In Washington DC, the young senator is found murdered in his bed.  His best friend and aide Nick Cappuano finds his body.

When the police arrive, the detective assigned to the case is Samantha Holland, a woman he spent one night with six years ago. It was a night neither had forgotten.

It’s a fast and dramatic start to an investigation into the life and family of the senator.  As detective Sam explores the clues, the past becomes a big part of both the murder and the relationship between Sam and Nick.

The Romance

The book managed to combine romantic suspense with a police procedural.  I enjoyed both! The developing relationship between the two seemed well planned, with the attraction still there as it had been six years before, the growing tension between the two, the conflict as detective and witness.  Of note, if it is an issue for you, there are some sexual scenes.

At the same time, the mystery kept me guessing, following the clues along with the detectives.  Who would have wanted to kill the popular and likable senator.  Was it personal or related to the bill that was to be up for a vote? The suspects are numerous, growing with every lead she discovers.

Then Sam’s car explodes, nearly killing her.

 The Characters

The other characters featured are also realistic and likable.  Sam’s father was a favorite. I hope to see him have a bigger role in future stories. Her partner, an up and coming cop, is entertaining as is her police chief.

All in all I enjoyed the book.   I will  read the second in the series.  It will be interesting to see how she keeps the two characters going throughout the series.  Whether she will continue this series or write additional romantic suspense, I’m not sure.  Her latest books seem to be heading back to the romance genre.

If you would enjoy a light, easy reading mystery with romance added in, you should enjoy Fatal Affair.

Here’s the second book in the series…. Fatal Justice


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