Book Review: Fortune Hunter, by Jana DeLeon

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The Latest in the “Miss Fortune” Mystery Series

Fortune Hunter is another engaging novel from Jana DeLeon. After reading Louisiana Longshot, the first in the series, I looked forward to another tale from Ms. Deleon. What a fun series to read.

Number 8 in the “Miss Fortune” series, features the same familiar characters. Fortune Redding, police sergeant Carter LeBlanc, Gertie, Ida Belle, and more. In book one, we saw Fortune move to Sinful, Louisiana, to hide from an arms dealer who wants her dead.

Sounds surprising until you learn her past career was an assassin for the CIA. Living under an assumed name, she is still in Sinful, on guard in case she is found.  It is essential that she keep her identity secret. Even when she develops a relationship with Police Sergeant LeBlanc.

Ida Belle and Gertie draw her into an investigation this time. Someone is using Facebook to con women in Sinful out of large sums of money. Who better to solve it than women who are similar to the prior targets?

That is, until a woman is murdered. A well liked woman, married to a handicapped husband, is found dead in her bed. Clues point in many directions, but could they be connected to the stolen money?

It is enjoyable to see the mystery unfold. Just as much fun are the antics among the women. The cozy feel to the series makes it a great choice for anyone. The small town setting, the quirky residents, the gentleness of the whole story even with the crimes involved.  Bits of wisdom are scattered throughout the books too, little thoughts that will give you pause.

The audio version makes for a terrific listen. Narrator Cassandra Campbell is perfect for the part. Her soft voice complements the characters and the story. Do listen to the sample here on Audible. You’ll see what I mean.

If you prefer to listen (or read) a series in order, you will want to start with Louisiana Longshot (review here).  I always enjoying knowing the history of the characters, but Fortune Hunter is easily a stand alone.  Either way, you will enjoy visiting Sinful and its cast!


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Author: Merry Citarella

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