Book Review; Hounded, by David Rosenfelt

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Book Review; Hounded, by David Rosenfelt


Andy Carpenter is back in the twelfth  book in David Rosenfelt’s series.  As always, it is great to spend time with him.

In Hounded Andy’s friend, police detective Pete Stanton, asks him to come to a murder scene.  By the time he leaves the scene, he has a basset hound named Sebastian with him.  Not so unusual for Andy to take in a dog, but this time along with the dog is the animal’s best friend, a 4 year old boy named Ricky.

If that isn’t enough to throw Andy, the next night, the detective is arrested, charged with the murder.  Andy knows his detective friend is not guilty, that the evidence is planted to hide something else, but what?  Could it be a case Pete was investigating?  Someone he arrested and put in jail?

In a nearby town…

Nearby a man has created a pill that will allow animals to be euthanized gently. A drug meant purely for good, to be used instead of less effective means.  Until he comes to work one morning to find his notes and work  missing, along with the last of the supply of his test pills.

Clues and answers are illusive.  It seems as soon as they locate a potential witness, a body turns up.  Still, Andy can’t let it grow. His friends life hangs in the balance.

What’s a lawyer to do?

This time Andy has plenty of choices to make.  Choices that may save his friend’s life.  Some that could take his own.  And all the while he has this growing attachment to a small child and his dog.

The Author

Once again, as I listened to Grover Gardner narrate Hound Dog, I had the sense that I was there with them, on the couch watching whichever game happened to be playing on TV.  It’s easy to grow attached to the self deprecating Andy Carpenter.  David Rosenfelt’s humor appeals every time, sarcasm and one liners both.  If he is anything like his character in personality, he must be fun to be around.

Of course, since he would be surrounded by twenty some dogs at the same time, fun would be hard to avoid anyway.  Since he still owns and operates the real life Tara Foundation, you know he has a good heart and a love for dogs.

More to come…

If you’d like to read about the entire series, click here for a brief summary of each book.

I’m delighted to report the next book in the series, Who Let the Dog Out, is scheduled for release in July of this year.  It’s available for preorder now.  It’s number thirteen in the series.  I sincerely hope there is no end in sight!

You can learn more about David Rosenfelt in this book about his actual cross country trip with the dogs!


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  1. Your review of “Hounded” caught my eye since I have a hound of my own. I=Thanks for a rave review of this book and the introduction to this series by Rosenfelt.

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