Book Review: Huntress Moon, by Alexandra Sokoloff

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An Intriguing Thriller from Alexandra Sokoloff

The supposed accidental death of an undercover agent sparks a multi-state hunt for one woman.

FBI agent Matthew Roarke, watched as it happened, there on the scene to meet with his now dead agent. He saw the unusual–and somehow familiar—woman right before the accident, and she saw him. But who is she? Witness? Lover? Friend? Or is she a killer?

When Roarke uncovers more murders where she was present, his search for her leads him up and down the west coast, seeking the reason the victims were chosen, searching for the woman.

An unsolved serial murder case from the past moves into the present. Knowing the cases may be connected makes his mission personal. It also changes everything for Roarke. He must find her within days, before something even worse happens. But you will begin to wonder who is hunting who as you read.

Then a little boy goes missing.

It’s a great read! It is hard not to give away the story though. You will find it fast paced, intriguing, and suspenseful.

The characters are well developed and likable. Roarke, formerly a BAU agent, now Agent in Charge of the team. His instincts are very good. Or could it be more than instinct? Is there some deeper connection? A killer with a past that may explain though not justify.

You may find yourself exploring how you would react, what you would do. You will find yourself considering connections, how the past influences our future. Maybe there really is no such thing as coincidence. Threads long left behind may be required at any moment to finish the tapestry in progress.

Huntress Moon is the first of a trilogy built around a twenty-five year old crime. The second book is Blood Moon, the third, Cold Moon. Author Alexandra Sokoloff has several other novels published as well.

She is known for well written, frightening thrillers that may keep you up at night. Don’t miss this one. I’m already looking forward to book two.


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Author: Merry Citarella

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