Book Review: Independence Day, by Ben Coes

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Ben Coes’ is Back With Dewey Andreas

Ever since the release of Power Down, the debut novel written by Ben Coes, I have been a huge fan.  That book became—and still is—one of my all time favorite suspense thrillers.

So there could be a slight bias, a leaning toward enjoying any new novel from Mr. Coes.  Still, if you read Independence Day, you will understand why it is now a favorite too.  With skill similar to the late Vince Flynn (to mention just one), the author pens a tightly written novel, super fast paced, and filled with high action throughout.  Mr. Coes’ novels are also timely, often too close to actual world events.

This time around, the action is spread across multiple arenas around the world. With Independence Day, he brings a potential disaster to light as once again terrorists seek to target the United States.  One man, seeking revenge, is determined to destroy America.

When a nuclear signature goes missing on a closely watched radar screen, the search is on to recover it.  But the persons responsible are  one step ahead.


Years past, a young boy witnesses his mother and father being murdered.  That terrible memory molded him into what he is today.  Now known as Cloud, perhaps the most effective hacker known internationally, he is able to invade and manipulate highly protected sites, including that of our government.

A Personal Side to Dewey

The hero of Ben Coes’ series, Dewey Andreas, is back too, but still recovering from the murder of his fiance.  He is sidelined, ordered elsewhere, and told to stay out of it.  There is no way Dewey can stay out of a mission to protect his country.  Dewey will be where he is needed, whether his superiors like it or not.

We are given another glimpse into Dewey’s past, including his home town.  The early chapters make Dewey more human and more fallible, which the author deftly uses to add to the conflict in Dewey’s mind.

Friend or Enemy?

As is often true in today’s world, those who would help and those who would harm can become unclear.  In emergency conditions, one must use anyone and everyone possible to find a resolution.  With that knowledge, it is difficult to trust anyone.  Yet those responsible for the disaster may be those who assist in the rescue.

Between political factions who want to rein in Dewey, multilevel nations who don’t especially care if the terrorist is stopped, it is a race to stay alive long enough to learn what Cloud intends.  Worse yet, only days remain before the attack.

If you get a chance to listen to any of the series, Peter Hermann has become the voice of Dewey Andreas.  He is a marvelous narrator for the series, with a great voice and skill. You can listen to a sample here on Audible.

June 28th, 2016 brings the release of First Strike, book six in the Dewey Andreas series.  It’s preordered from Audible for me.

If you haven’t read a book written by Ben Coes, you should start now.  Each novel in the series makes a solid stand alone.  Still, you may enjoy reading the series from the beginning.  If so, be sure to start with Power Down.  It was a fantastic, complex thriller you won’t want to miss.


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Author: Merry Citarella

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