Book Review: Irreparable Harm, by Melissa F. Miller

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First in the Series

The book, Irreparable Harm, was a pleasant surprise for me! I’d never heard of this author or series until it was offered as a free Kindle book. Since I love a good mystery, I snapped it up. When I checked it today, September 18th, 2014, it was still showing free. Who can resist a free book? What a great way to try out a new author.

Since a good mystery is a favorite, it was soon on my iPad, ready to read. Even better, the free book had the audio version (whisper sync) available on Audible for only $1.99. That’s such a great buy for an audiobook that I bought it too.

I listened to it in a day!

The plot was intriguing. An commercial airplane’s auto pilot changes direction, the pilots unable to correct it. It crashes into a mountain killing everyone on board. As the ambitious attorney, Sasha McCandless, is chosen to represent the airline, a case that will ensure her early partnership in the firm. An air marshall begins his own investigation, which brings him to Sasha. They soon discover it was no accident. When people involved begin dying, a conspiracy emerges that could kill thousands more. They will have to work quickly to stop another air disaster.

The Sasha McCandless Series

All in all, I really enjoyed the story here. It was fast moving and easy to listen to. The mystery itself was well done. It was perhaps a bit too easy to figure out who the bad guys were, but it still kept me listening to see what would happen next.

The characters were also well portrayed. Sasha, the attorney also begins to question her priorities, between her need for client confidentiality, her driving ambition to be a law firm partner, and her desire to do the right thing. Leo, the air marshall, determined to figure out who’s behind the disaster, needs Sasha’s help at the same time he wants her out of harm’s way. The other characters weren’t as developed, but the story still worked well. There is a bit of romance in the story, but it doesn’t control the plot. It does lead into the subsequent book.

When I finished the book, since it says this is Book 1, I went to Amazon to find there are several others already available in this series. I’ll be reading the next one too. If you are looking for a light and entertaining mystery, I think you will enjoy Irreparable Harm.

The Sasha McCandless Series, by Melissa F. Miller

1  Irreparable Harm  2011

2  Inadvertent Disclosure  2012

3  Irretrievably Broken  2012

4  Indispensable Party  2013

5  Improper Influence  2013

6  Irrevocable Trust  2014

Critical Vulnerability 2014 (A companion Novel)

Books, Kindle, and Audio Versions

There are now six in the series, along with a companion novel. At this point, the first five are available in paperback, Kindle, and in the audio version. With each of the five whisper-sync available for $1.99. Buy the Kindle and add the audio version. That way you can read until you fall asleep at night, then take it up again on audio while you drive to work!

Book 2 in the Series: Inadvertent Disclosure

Hydrofracking is the subject of this legal thriller. A judge assigns out of town attorney, Sasha McCandless,a case to represent an elderly man. The county claims he can no longer make decisions for himself. Is it true though? Or are the developers, politicians, and corrupt local officials after their own agenda?


Book 3: Irretrievably Broken

One of the partners at Sasha’s former office has been murdered, her husband accused of her murder. When a second is killed, Sasha is asked to represent both of the accused– the dead women’s husbands. Not a criminal attorney, she nevertheless agrees, and may become the next target.


Indispensable Party, Book 4

When Leo discovers the theft of a deadly virus from the vaccine maker, Sasha’s routine litigation practice is once again upended. The two of them have only 3 days to stop the deadly virus from being released. Sounds like an an exciting, fast moving book for the 4th entry in the series.


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  1. I’ve read this whole series and always look forward to the next book, although I have to say that I enjoyed the earlier books more than I have the last couple. I’ll continue reading, though. Sasha is a terrific female main character and I still wonder what she’ll get involved in next. Anyone who has ever lived in the Pittsburgh area will especially enjoy the local references, too.

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