Book Review: Named of The Dragon, by Susanna Kearsley

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The Past and The Future

Susanna Kearsley has a wonderful way of weaving the present with the past.  Her novels seamlessly flow back and forth, taking the reader on an adventure that may cover centuries.

Named of the Dragon does the same. This time we are led to Wales, to the Pembrokeshire coast, to the small town of Angle, and to Castle House.  The beautiful setting comes to life in Ms. Kearsley’ words, even more  listening to the audio version from Audible.  Narrated by Jill Tanner, the accent adds so much to the story and the setting.

The Story

We arrive in Angle for the Christmas holidays.  A literary agent, Lyn Ravenshaw, has been persuaded to accompany a writer that she represents.  After all, how could one resist when they will be staying with another famed writer who is looking to change agents.

For Lyn, it is a chance to find some peace, away from her memories and her nightmares.  Still recovering from the loss of her child at birth, she dreams of a woman dressed in blue, telling her she must save the baby.

Then she meets a more recent widow with an eight month old baby.  The woman seems to have been expecting her.  Is the woman delusional from the loss of her husband?  Or is it possible that the two women have been drawn together there for a reason.

The past blends with the present as the mystical tales of another time still influence the future.  The young widow claims her son must be protected from the dragon in the tower, that Merlin himself has spoken to her of his future greatness.

As even those Lyn has trusted become suspect, who should she go to for help?  Her host or his brother?  The isolated playwright who wants to be left alone?  The villagers?  Lyn must choose wisely or risk more than she knows.


Named of the Dragon was a satisfying tale.  The history is fascinating, the setting one to drink in.  While the book didn’t seem as complex as the author’s newer works, it was a very entertaining story.  The book was first released in 1998, as the author’s fourth published novel.

The re-release includes the audiobook.  Ms. Kearsley’s novels adapt so well to audio, the accent providing another way to immerse the listener into the rich locale.  It is an added treat for listeners.

A sound bite of the audiobook might convince you to try it in the audio version this time.  It’s so easy to download onto the Audible app, and listen using your smartphone.  For so many books, it enhances the enjoyment.

I recommend it as a very entertaining story. If you’ve read The Winter Sea or Firebird, you will know how well the author writes.  She is sometimes compared to Mary Stewart, a favorite from long ago. The romance and history she brings to each book keeps many of us coming back for more.


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Author: Merry Citarella

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