Book Review: Never Die Alone, by Lisa Jackson

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The Bentz and Montoya Series Returns

Bestselling author, Lisa Jackson, has a hit with her new romantic suspense thriller, Never Die Alone. A chilling story right from the first chapter, it rates high on the thriller scale.  I was unable to stop listening until I finished the book. Much more suspense this time than romance, with what appears to be multiple killers stalking New Orleans.

Next, it appears the serial killer known as “Father John” is back too, unexpectedly so. Named because he masqueraded as a priest when he stalked and killed women, the detectives are startled when they see his face on video surveillance.  They know there will be more murders by the man they thought dead.

The Story

Twins generally have a special connection, but sometimes it goes beyond the norm.  And Twins abound I this novel.  When twin girls go missing while out to celebrate their 21st birthday, it sparks fear and determination in those close to the investigation.

Brianna Hayward, a psychologist, holds a regular meeting for a group called the Twinless Twins.  A unique survivors group for people who had lost their twins. Brianna herself is one of them.  Her twin was murdered years before.  Added to her pain, a relative is now in prison for that crime, wrongly convicted.  At least that is what Brianna believes.

When one of the members calls, telling Brianna her daughter’s are missing, Brianna wastes no time contacting the police. She’s been studying a killer known as “21,” who has killed several times before.  Media had dubbed with that name, because he kills specifically on his victims 21st bday.  If it is “21,” they may already be too late.

Directed by someone he talks to on the phone, he has an exact plan he must carry out. But this set of twins may be a little more difficult than the killer expects.

It is definitely a story that will keèp you awake at night!  If ever “playing cat and mouse” fit a story, it is this one. Hiding in the forest, searching the river, running down clues from long in the past.

Suspenseful and Exciting

You will find a lot of twists and literal turns in the plot. It is filled with surprises.

It’s such a well written story, one of the best from Ms. Jackson in awhile I personally think. Different points of view, from the missing women, the psychiatrist concerned for them, the two detectives, a freelance writer.  All of the characters are well portrayed.

This is easily a stand alone novel.  While part of a series that may arouse your curiosity, the story doesn’t dwell on it. Plus Brianna and Jason are new to the story.

I listened to the book in audio. Natalie Ross is a terrific narrator who is well able to change voices for the many characters.

It is an exciting, tension filled story that will take you on quite an unusual investigation. I highly recommend it!


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Author: Merry Citarella

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