Book Review: Noble Beginnings, by L. T. Ryan

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Noble Beginnings

The Jack Noble series of book is one you may have seen often on social media.  Jack sounded like an intriguing character in the suspense thriller genre.  When it became available on Audible it was time for a listen to see what it was all about.

A fine listen it was too.  Narrated by Dennis Holland, it was a great listen.  He handled the voices and the pacing very well. The book went so fast, but that was partly because I didn’t want to stop listening.  (One of my favorite benefits of audio).  I finished it in one day.

The Story

Jack Noble is a Marine.  Only right now, he is assigned to the CIA.  Good for the CIA, not so good for Jack and his partner, Bear.  The CIA doesn’t welcome Marines into their fold, leaving Jack and Bear as outsiders, going before them in danger yet not especially appreciated for their part.

When he disobeys orders and calls a superior on his actions toward an Iraqi family, it raises the tension further.  When the entire family is later found dead, Jack is staggered.

In days he and Bear are on the run, accused of murder.  Along with his ex-girlfriend, Jessica, the three must find answers before they are caught. Since everyone seems to be after them, time is short. Someone is out to frame Jack, going to extremes to do it.   Is it because of his actions or in spite of it?  Could it have been the plan all along?

As the first book of the Jack Noble series the story was a good introduction to Jack and Bear. Both are likable characters who make an effective team. The complex plot had me feeling grateful it was only fiction.  A good thing in a thriller!

It was very fast moving, with enough twists to make me gulp. Even while hoping it is something that would never happen, it is much too plausible. So often power and politics are the purpose behind decisions made by those in control. That is often to what is best for the soldier or the agents in the field.

I will be listening to the next book to see where Jacke goes from here. Will he go it along?

The Series

This is a series you may want to read in order. Book one is fairly short. Book two, Noble Intentions, is apparently a combination of several novellas called episode. The episodes are combined into season, as you would see in television programming. I found the order a little confusing, but was pleased to see that the author had updated and arranged the books for us.

Here is the official chronological order, taken from L.T. Ryan’s website:

Noble Beginnings
A Deadly Distance
Thin Line
Noble Intentions, Season 1
When Dead in Greece
Noble Intentions, Season 2
Noble Intentions, Season 3
Never Go Home
Beyond Betrayal (Clarissa Abbot, Book 1, featured in several of the Noble series)
Noble Intentions, Season 4

Courtesy of  Audible

If you get a chance, this would be a good one to listen to on your phone or iPod.   It is easier than ever now with their app that enables you to play any book in your library.  I love having books with me wherever I go.

For more details, you can read about the series and the author here at his website.  His novels continue to grow in popularity with fans anxiously awaiting the next season to come.


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Author: Merry Citarella

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