Book Review: Outsourced, by Eric J. Gates

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Here is an exciting novel from a new author to me.  The book, Outsourced, is written by Eric J. Gates, and a thrilling story it was.  I enjoyed reading it very much!

A solid suspense thriller, with a dash of fantasy or supernatural, that takes the reader on a race to escape both a serial killer and the government at the same time.

A writer named Nic Stiles  is working at an isolated cabin, feeling burnt out after constant competition with another author known as Grayson Fallon. He is quite puzzled when he receives a package that contains an unusual box.  Inside the box is an unusual pen, along with words carved inside that says in effect, write it and it will be.

The Cintamani Stone

An assassin gives it to a writer.  A writer passes it on to another.  Now the intelligence agency is after him.  Yet Nic is uncertain of what it is, or what it can do.

At first he thinks it’s someone’s practical joke.  Then he begins to experiment with it. Turns out writing with the pen is not as easy as it sounds.  What happens next drives him to discover its history and how it came to him.

When his wife dies suddenly he is brought together with his supposed nemesis, Grayson Fallon.  They are followed, targeted and nearly killed. In the meantime Polanski, the serial killer, is back. The special agent has her orders to get the object at any cost.  And too many people are dying.

The question is, will Nic Stiles and Grayson Fallon be able to write their way out of this thriller before one of them is killed?

What Would You Write? 

Most of us will relate to the urge to use the pen.  It’s easy to think of things we might write, not to harm but for our own reasons.  What you probably wouldn’t consider is the randomness of how it would be accomplished.

As Nic quickly discovers, a simple wish can create a far more complicated—and dangerous– scenario than he wanted or expected.  It will leave you asking yourself if you could handle the responsibility that comes with its possession.

The author did an excellent job of research.  He also provided a detailed explanation of how it could be.  I admit, some of it did not compute for me, but I think that is more my brain than Mr. Gates explanation of it.  The physics involved, and the detail was fascinating to me even still.  He put a lot into the history of the stone and its power.  Combining history with current events adds a depth to a novel that gives it more credence.

The Cintamani Stone is the only supernatural part of the novel, so don’t be put off by the use of that word. The rest is realistic and a pure adrenalin rush to see what the two writers will do, what the government will do, and what extremes the killer will go to to  gain possession of the power that comes with the stone.

Could You Handle It?

I can see I’ll be reading more of Mr. Gates works in the future.  There are a number of other books to choose from, including his Cull Series, Full Disclosure, and 2012.  Give Eric J Gates a try.  I think you will be impressed.


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