Book Review: Ramsey’s Gold, by Russell Blake

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Russell Blake’s ‘Drake Ramsey’ Series

If you enjoy an adventure Ramsey’s Gold will be hard to resist!

The Incas, a lost city, and a long hidden journal start Ramsey’s Gold off to an exciting start. Go on a treasure hunt into the jungle, not knowing what is ahead or where it will lead.

The Story

When Drake Simmons is called to an attorney’s office, he has no clue where it will lead. A mysterious inheritance that includes some much needed cash, and still more surprising, a journal written by his long dead father,.

Once the journal is read, Drake must know more. That urgent desire for answers quickly saves his life at the same time it puts him in further danger. On the run, with only two people he can trust, the only solution is to find Paititi, a long lost city of the Incas. A city that may not even exist.

From the United States to Tijuana to Rio to Peru, Drake, Ali and Jack Brody race to escape those who hunt them.

it is clear to see why Mr. Blake writes so well with Clive Cussler. Both write exciting thriller that often lead to unknown wonders. The novel is tightly written with fast paced action and many surprises–or shocks–along the way…Multiple adventures, life threatening risks in an unknown jungle, dangerous natives. Not only must they struggle with the natural dangers that could easily cost their lives, but also those who search for them for entirely different reasons.

The story will keep you intrigued and anxious right up to the dramatic ending. While it is definitely a stand alone novel, I was very pleased to see it is part of a series. Book two, The Emerald Buddha, is already in my cart. Likable and interesting characters, a terrific premise, and you have a series that will hopefully continue indefinitely.

The Audio Version

The audio version of Mr. Blake’s novel was very well done. Great to listen to an adventure, one that will keep you keen on the story. Narrator, Ray Porter, does well with distinguishing the various voices, as well as reading at a good pace. If you get a chance, you will find it on Audible. You can listen to a sample here.

Mr Blake is a bestselling author with more than two dozen published works. The Jet series, The Day after Never, The Fatal series and more make up his portfolio. In addition, he has co-written the Fargo series with popular Clive Cussler. He writes a well composed novel, with plenty of action and excitement. Ramsey’s Gold is certainly one of them.

This is the first in the Drake Ramsey series. Book two, Emerald Buddha, was released in September of 2015. The third, The Goddess Legacy, was just released on August 19th, 2016. Should be a great series to follow! Let me know what you think after you read or listen.


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Author: Merry Citarella

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