Book Review: The Destroyed, by Brett Battles

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 A Stunning Crime 
What sort of crime could be committed by some one high in the government that would shock and appall even those in espionage?  I would be surprised if you guessed the answer.  It’s a stunning secret that has led to several deaths.  Not that unusual perhaps for a cleaner such as Jonathan Quinn.  Or is it?

In another wonderfully complicated novel from Brett battles,  the cleaner will revisit a past assignment.

Quinn has been in a retreat for several months following his last case we read in the book, Silenced (click here for review).   Distraught and discourages, he is rethinking his career choice after his previous assignment that almost cost the lives of his family.  His apprentice, Nate, has been covering for Quinn, running the business.

Mila Voss is identified on a security camera as she sees a man fall to his death. Since she was reported dead years ago, her identity causes an immediate international hunt for her. One that pulls Quinn right out of the monastery and back into the field.  He was the one who identified her body those years before.

Quinn must find her first. Where has she been?  Why is she showing herself now? Why are so many after her?

The story goes back and forth in time, flashing back to the earlier event that first involved Mila, Quinn, and The Office, then forward to the current search for Mila.  Even while Quinn knows what he does may seem to cross the lines between right and wrong, he still believes in working for what is right.  This time he may face a decision that will make him choose.  A decision that could cost Quinn everything.

The Series

The Destroyed is book five in Brett Battles excellent series.  If you are reading the books in order, you will recognize the characters and see the changes they have faced.  It is definitely a stand alone novel, but you might enjoy starting at the beginning to get to know all the players.  The recurring characters are a pleasure, in the way they relate and work together.  Just as interesting are the crew that Quinn brings in to assist in each book.

Mr Battles continues to delight with his series.  Each story is unique while Quinn maintains his usual job.  Every time I am surprised at how much I enjoy the unfolding of the plots.  This one certainly did shock.

I’m off to read the next one.  Can’t wait.

Here is the first in the series if you want to read the books in order.  You can see the list here, along with the reviews written for the series to date, on Mr. Battle’s Author Page. You can click here to read my review of The Cleaner.

The Cleaner


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