Book Review: The Dig

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Book Review: The Dig.

A good book can take you anywhere it wants, which is only one of the reasons I so enjoyed The Dig by Michael Siemsen. In this book that begins a new series, we escape into far the past. One hundred and fifty million years into the past, give or take a few centuries.

The story is intriguing to begin with when a small piece of metallic fabric is discovered during an archeological dig. The dating process takes it back further than ever expected. To confirm they contact Matt Turner, a young man with a special talent. When he touches an object, he goes back to its time, as if he is actually there. Because he was forced to use it when young, he avoids touch usually, but can’t resist this particular one.

That is when the fun begins. He takes us back in his mind, and we live awhile with the ancients. We get to know the man who wore the fabric and how he lived (at least as presented by the author). It’s realistic enough to be so interesting. We aren’t talking dinosaurs or monsters in the story, more a look into what a life might have been like.

Adding to the excitement is that we travel back and forth between the past and current times. In current times not everyone is interested it Matt’s findings. Someone wants the site for himself and intends to stop Matt from discovering more.

Archeology always offers a unique angle to a story. I usually find them fascinating. This one is no exception. I would highly recommend it for a fun and entertaining escape. It’s a great book to relax with after this busy season. Give it a try and let me know what you think.

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