Book Review: The Search, by Nora Roberts

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Book Review: The Search, by Nora Roberts

This romantic suspense novel was the first book I read by Nora Roberts.  Sure, I had heard of her, but I think I expected her stories to be more romance and less mystery.  I was delighted to find that was wrong.

The Search was an exciting and suspenseful book, made even more interesting with the inclusion of the search and rescue dogs.  It was great fun to read about dog training (something I have never been good at), get to know the two main characters, Fiona and Simon, and follow the clues while a serial killer prowled around nearby.

It was also the first book I listened to that inspired me to get more books on audio.  Years before, in the days of cassettes, I had listened to one or two, but it wasn’t convenient then.  Now with smartphones and near instant downloads, it is easy, fun, and enables me to ‘read’ so many more books.

The plot

In the Search, Fiona is living on Orcas Island in Washington, trying to move forward from the death of her fiancé that nearly cost her life as well.  The man responsible, the serial killer known as the Red Scarf killer, is now in prison.

But when Fiona finds a red scarf draped on her mailbox, and then learns of a murder, she fears the killer is back. Or at least someone who is copying him.  And it appears he is out to reclaim Fiona as his victim.

In and around that, we have her well trained, protective dogs.  When she isn’t working search and rescue, Fiona runs a dog training school. That’s how she meets Simon, along with his unruly pup, Jaws.  At first, as grouchy as Simon is, I wasn’t sure I cared if they had a relationship. But he grows on you, as does their mutual attraction.

All in all The Search is a very entertaining read or listen.  You can read my full review here.  

Since reading this book, I’ve read so many more Nora Roberts’ novels.  It’s been a pleasure.  I especially like her stand alone stories, all of which have been romantic suspense.  Likeable characters, great dialogue, mysteries with plenty of plot twists, all make for hours of entertainment.

Ms. Roberts has another book scheduled for released April 16th, 2015.  It’s called The Liar, and sounds like another bestseller.  It is in my preorder cart even as I write.

The Liar


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