Book Review: Worth Dying For, by Lee Child

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Book Review: Worth Dying For, by Lee Child

Every time I read a new Lee Child novel featuring Jack Reacher it seems to be my favorite of the series.  It makes me think I will have to re-listen to each of them to choose the all time favorite once I’m caught up with all nineteen books.

Worth Dying For definitely fits in there.  It was excellent!  Apparently some of the Jack Reacher fan base had been disappointed in a few of the books, some saying he was getting too soft, some saying there wasn’t enough action.  This book should put that to rest.

Right from the beginning, the story pulls you in.  All he wants is to get to Virginia.  Instead, Jack drives a doctor to see a patient and ends up investigating a decades old missing child case.  At the same time some of the locals who control the town want Jack gone, one way or another.  The description calls them a clan, and the title fits.  It’s what you might think of when you think of a family of ultra controlling  businessmen.

Small Town Secrets

Of course, if you know Jack Reacher at all, you know he won’t like that at all.  Investigating the missing child while avoiding the clan should be enough. But then teams from the middle east and from Las Vegas join in as well.

Clearly the clan is up to something more.  What he learns will shock you and have you wondering just how much the town is hiding.

Will they ever learn not to mess with Jack Reacher?

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I was sorry to reach the end of this book.  Lee Child’s series is one that is especially well done on audio.  Dick Hill has become the voice of Jack Reacher.  He does a fabulous job narrating.  So much so that as soon as I hear his voice, it makes me smile to know what is coming.  Download it to your phone, give it a try, and see if you don’t agree.


If you haven’t read any of Mr. Child’s fantastic series, you might want to start at the beginning with book one….The Killing Floor.   It’s such a great book, right from the start, and an introduction to Jack Reacher.


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