Book Spotlight: The Conscious Entrepreneur

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The Conscious Entrepreneur, by Laura C. Cannon

It is always a pleasure to spotlight a book that provides motivation for a work and life balance.  Today’s book does just that.  Speaker and coach, Laura Cannon, will encourage, suggest, and teach you how to do just that.

The popular coach is currently on a virtual book tour taking place from July 11th to 29th, 2016.  The tour, hosted by iRead Book Tours, will include articles and interviews at many sites during the tour.  You can see her full schedule here at her iRead Home Page.

As part of the tour, Laura has provided us a lovely article for your reading enjoyment.

Why Purpose Matters at Work

“Efforts and courage are not enough without purpose and direction.”
-John F. Kennedy

Do you dread every Monday morning? Do you find yourself procrastinating until the last minute to finish a task? Do you end every day feeling drained?

If this sounds like you, you’re not alone. Our culture encourages us to push ourselves to – and often, past – our limits without providing any sense of balance or direction. The result is millions of people who stressed, burned out and void of passion. But, there is one way to give yourself an additional “boost” when it comes to your work: Purpose.

Having a higher sense of purpose for your work will help you be more engaged, energized, creative and inspired. When you have a sense of purpose, you no longer work simply for financial gain but for personal fulfillment, a need to help others, or to make a meaningful impact on the world.

The key to finding a sense of purpose is to connect with what really matters to you as a human being. Each of us is different, and each of us has a deep desire somewhere inside us to feel a sense of connection with what we do.

Not sure how to figure out what makes you tick? Not to worry – my new (free!) interactive video and workbook, “Find and Follow Your Calling in 7 Simple Steps” will walk you through a set of steps to find your purpose and put it into action. Once you know what you’re really after in life, applying that knowledge to your work will give you a greater sense of satisfaction, more energy, and less stress!

The Tour

Book Description:

In this profound introduction to conscious entrepreneurship, author and business coach Laura C. Cannon teaches you how to harness your unique gifts and the power of your own consciousness to maximize your satisfaction – and deepen your enjoyment – of your business and your life. Grounded in research from the fields of modern psychology, eastern philosophy, and personal development, this book explains six core principles necessary for radical, transformational change – personally and professionally.

By teaching you to use your business as the vehicle for your personal growth,The Conscious Entrepreneur delivers timeless wisdom and practical exercises to help you think, act, and live the path to your highest potential – without adding to your already-packed schedule. Forget work-life balance, get ready to shift into work-life integration for more happiness, stronger relationships, and a higher return on your investment in every sense of the word.

Get Laura C. Cannon’s free new video and workbook.

Buy the Book: Amazon  ~  Author Website

Author’s Bio:

Laura C. Cannon

Laura C. Cannon is an entrepreneur, speaker, author, and coach with a deep passion for bridging the worlds of spirituality and business. In her new book, The Conscious Entrepreneur, Laura showcases a collection of practices and perspectives for entrepreneurs and business-people to change their relationship with their working life.

A member of the prestigious National Speaker’s Association with more than 15 years of experience as a professional public speaker, Laura has a knack for delivering engaging and informative presentations. She’s spoken to groups ranging from 12 to 1200 on a wide range of topics, from office productivity to motivation and empowerment to mindfulness and meditation. Her true passion as an author and speaker lies in bridging the gap between business and spirituality, finding practical, down-to-earth applications for timeless universal wisdom. She has been a guest speaker for colleges, civic organizations, businesses, and associations.

 Laura holds a B.S. from Towson University and an M.A. in Human Sciences (Psychology) from Hood College with a specialization in Thanatology and Grief Counseling. A lover of all things that blend the practical and the spiritual, Laura is also a 200hr RYT yoga and meditation instructor.

Connect with the author:  Website  ~  Twitter  ~  Facebook  ~  Pinterest  ~  Instagram



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  1. Thank you for including Laura Cannon’s book on your blog tour. I read her book and spent a lot of time reflecting on many of its deeper messages.

    “Because we are each, as individuals, inextricably linked to anything and everything in the universe, we can choose to adopt a mindset that everything – seriously, everything – that happens in our lives and our businesses happens for our benefit.” ~ The Conscious Entrepreneur

  2. Thank you for your support of Laura’s book “The Conscious Entrepreneur: A Guide to Maximizing Your Potential for Success, Freedom, and Happiness”!

  3. Thanks so much for sharing the post and about my new book! I hope your readers find it valuable 🙂

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