Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day

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January 26: Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day

bubblewrap 03 AWhat would you say if I told you that bubble wrap didn’t start out as a packing material? What could the original intent for this time-waster come shipping material possibly have been? Wallpaper. Yup, wall paper.

In 1957, Alfred Fielding and Marc Chavannes were trying to create a textured wall covering. Perhaps they were going for the sci-fi look in contemporary interior design? For some reason, they decided this new material worked better for shipping fragile items. Enter, bubblewrap.

I’m not sure what the politically correct term for bubble wrap would be though. As bubble wrap, it’s a trademarked product by Sealed Air Corporation. Here are a few suggestions as to the correct way to refer to it: bubble pack, bubble paper, air bubble packing, bubble wrapping, cushioning material or aeroplast.

Since there aren’t bubbles on both sides, it begs the question as to which side is the proper side for the outside. According to Handy Space’s article, How to Use Bubble Wrap to Protect Your Stuff, the bubbles should face inward.

Keep in mind that this is a plastic material. Be sure to keep it out of the reach of children and animals as it does present a suffocation hazard. When allowing older children to pop bubble wrap, be sure an adult is present at all times for supervision.

When the moment is right and you’re Jones’n for a bubble wrap session. Here’s a substitute in the absence of your personal stash, the methadone of the bubble wrap popper’s addict’s addition.

Be sure to turn the audio volume up high.




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  1. As an online bookseller, I say three cheers for bubblewrap. I’d be lost without the stuff. And thanks for the pop the bubblewrap game, great fun, although I’m a slow-brained lame-ass donkey at it compared to my grandson, aged 6.

    • Thanks Colin for commenting. Glad you like the game. I thought it was kinda fun too. Your six-year-old grandson would probably “out-pop” me as well. 😀

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