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bug_jewelryBug Jewellery has been fashionable for many years. Everything from bees to dragonflies, cicadas, grasshoppers and bugs of every kind. I personally love butterflies, lady bugs and bees. Bug Jewellery is not for everyone, but I happen to really like it.

Red bug bejewelled jewelry box

In ancient times, Bug Jewellery was worn not just by women but by the men also. In Egypt, the Scarab Beetle was worn by the army as a talisman of protection against their enemies. They were considered to have supernatural powers to protect the wearer.

Some cultures ever wore the actual “live” beetles on their clothing. These bugs were generally wingless and docile in nature attached by a decorative safety pin with a chain leash holding them in place.

In 2006 one designer popularized the “roach brooch” using Giant Hissing Cockroaches from Madagascar. Unfortunately for the designer, many animal activists have expressed concern over the well being of the bugs for “live” jewellery, and that trend, in our times, was short lived.

But the trend to make jewellery that looks like bugs has never been stronger. Everything from brooches, necklaces, earrings, rings and baubles can be found if you look for it. Some are encrusted with precious and semi precious stones, while others are painted, lacquered or cast.

There are a myriad of designs available in Bug Jewellery, from simple to elaborate and from reasonable prices to outrageous. They can be cast in ordinary metals, or silver and gold, all depending on your likes and dislikes.

Some pieces are so intricate, that the bugs almost seem to move. In ancient Chinese practices, they made Bug Jewellery that had moving wings or articulated body parts that would move while being worn. I can remember seeing a documentary about the making of some of these pieces and how they were balanced in such a way that the wings would look like they were about to fly. It fascinated me then and I still love seeing beautiful Bug Jewellery pieces today.

Intricate Dark Deep Blue Crystal Rhinestone Dragonfly Bug Design Pin Brooch

Genuine Pink Crystal Rhinestone Red Bead Rhinestone Cicada Bug Insect Pin Brooch



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