Can Olive Oil Cure Toothache?

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Does olive oil cure toothache?

For me it does. I’m not a dentist and it may well depend on the reason why your teeth are aching but I have not had a toothache yet that can’t be sorted out simply using a product I always have in my kitchen.

Last week, I was unable to sleep because of this horrible tooth. I suspect strongly that it needs to be pulled out but at my time of life, I need to keep as many of my teeth as I can. They’ve lasted for a long time and I don’t see why they can’t last longer.

Plus, although I don’t want to put the dentist out of business, I admit to being reluctant to pay those bills when I can sort out toothache at home.

But to get back to this toothache … the next days was a busy one and yet that tooth was still nagging and nagging. At breakfast time,I found that it was painful to eat (even oatmeal!) but being brave (or daft) decided that the pain would wear offone I got engrossed in work.It didn’t.

Then I had to make a phone call. Even talking hurt. Wow. Would I have to visit the dentist after all?

By the evening, it was no better so I decided to give it the olive oil treatment.I’ve used this several times before but never for such a very painful tooth. It doesn’t give instant relief but I’m happy to say that the night was a peaceful one – no lying awake with an aching tooth. The following morning, I could eat breakfast just fine and speaking was no longer a problem. No pain.

It’s now days later and the tooth is fine.

Is this all in the mind? This cure seems to be so miraculous that I began to suspect that it was. But how can it be? That tooth definitely hurt and now it doesn’t. It’s as simple as that.

How do you treat a painful tooth with olive oil?

It’s simplicity itself and takes only ten minutes. Get a measure of oil – about a tablespoon and put it into your mouth. Swill it around the tooth for about ten minutes. (Hide in the bathroom to do this because you’ll look remarkably silly). The longer you can do this the better.

Puff your cheek in and out so that the oil gets all around the tooth and preferably in the spaces between it and its neighbours. Then simply spit out the oil. If you don’t like the taste of the oil in your mouth, use plain water as a mouthwash.

Oil pulling

Some people believe that swishing oil around your mouth on a daily basis is a great idea and good for more than just your teeth. The chap in the video below has been doing this for one year and¬†here’s what he has to say about it.






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  1. very true your experience,this time ,I experience very a painful toothache .wonderful, very effective treating pain.

  2. I’ve been hearing so much about this lately. The benefit seem to be building too, so time to give it a try I think!

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