Can you be too organised?

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Can you be too organised?

Well, actually I think so. In fact I’m pretty sure I’m too organised.

You see I’m the kind of annoying person who has stupidly high standards for themselves and included in that is being organised, planned and prepared. It doesn’t sound like too bad a thing, but it can take over…

Let me explain. I use a paper diary system – a lot of people do; nothing too unusual there. I use one that shows a week over two pages, so it’s open on my desk showing the activities for the week ahead. These include things to do with work, birthdays, appointments, pet-related reminders, when to pay bills, when the rubbish bin men come, anniversaries of specific events, regular TV shows I watch etc. etc. Are you starting to get the idea?

I write a shopping list during every week too – as we use food items or run out of them they go on the shopping list for Friday, (yes there’s a regular shopping day). I write other kinds of lists as well. I have Amazon wish lists (yes, that’s lists with an ‘s’ – plural – not just one), article and writing ideas lists (both written and on computer), cryptic password lists hidden so they can’t be found or read, and the list goes on! (Sorry…)

My books, films and music collections are all alphabetised and my clothes hang in a certain order in the wardrobe; winter and summer are separate – that goes without saying. Even my washing comes out of the machine in a particular way to make it easier to hang!

I could go on, but I won’t as all this causes me a problem. Apart from maintaining these tools (it can take forever in the New Year!), starting new ones and completing others, I’ve lost all sense of spontaneity, which I find very sad…

To be honest I don’t know if I ever was spontaneous (I suspect my instinctive planning ability is nurture not nature), but all this organising is killing me – I have to rely on others for off the cuff ideas and activities. If I ever do anything without planning it comes as a shock – a pleasant surprise, but a shock nonetheless.

So with the best will in the world, yes be organised; use what works for you to make your life easier and helps you out with tricky problems, but for goodness’ sake don’t end up like me. I beg you!



DreyaB is British-born and now living in rural France where she lives the simple life along with her partner and various assorted animals. She writes on a wide variety of subjects including Formula One, arts and crafts and reviews of books, games and her favourite products. To see more of her writing and articles click here

Author: Jackie Jackson

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  1. I have been told to let loose, not be so uptight with being organize. The problem is, organizing things makes me feel good.

    • I agree Sandy – I feel much better and calmer if everything is organised. I do wish I was more impulsive though – I think I stifle myself sometimes! Thanks for joining in and taking a look. :0)

  2. I probably overdo it in the organization department. I’m better than I used to be, however. Were we separated at birth? Ha! Anyway, I like a month view calendar over a week view. Great article. Have a successful new year as well.

    • Not that I know of Tanya…! I know what you mean with a month view; they’re good for appointments etc. but I write down too much stuff to action – there’d never be enough space if I only used one of those… Guess I still overdo it. :0)

  3. Can you be too organised? No. No. NO!

    My beef is with those who make a virtue of their bad organisation and inevitably poor time-management. I had a bellyful of those at work. They laugh it off,tell you ‘chill out’ blah blah, but their carelessness (and selfishness) impacts on others, which makes them selfish …….s IMO.

    • Thanks Colin – I feel a little better now! I know what you mean – there has to be some effort and consideration for others. I have to admit to always being early and on time as well. I’m beside myself if I ever find myself late for something – which is extremely rare. The last time it happened I physically ran all the way and rang to let them know. Goodness only knows what the receptionist thought to my call! Jogging is certainly not my thing…

  4. I’m organized in some ways–such as you say, my clothes are hung in the closet in an order–I use a paper planner too, just works for me over the computer or my phone.
    I have our movies in alphabetical order.
    Sadly though, those are about the only organized places I have. Other than things written in my planner, my paperwork has been a hot mess for months now. You can’t even see the top of my desk for the excess junk laying on that doesn’t even belong…..and under and around my desk is the same hot mess. sigh…..

    • I’ll let you into a secret Marsha – if you look at my desk you’d probably never guess I’m so organised… The thing is I know exactly where everything is (well nearly!) it just doesn’t look that way! You have to have priorities after all… 🙂

  5. I used to be a very organized person but over the years I’ve become a little unorganized. I still make tons of lists though and everything in my kitchen has its own place.

    • You’re not that unorganised then Susan! Just a little more relaxed perhaps… :0)

  6. I’m kind of impressed. I bought a paper planner at the start of the year last year and it never did much other than take up room in my purse.

    • Thanks Nona – I think! ;0) I can always help others with getting a bit more organised, but whatever method you choose has to fit in with your lifestyle and routines. Perhaps you just didn’t get the right method for you. There are electronic planners and apps if you use technology more, or perhaps there’s a place (be it the kitchen, office or wherever) that you use frequently, if there is, use a planner there… :0)

  7. While I write a lot of lists on paper and on the computer, I can tell you I am not organized. I’ve been told I am by others but they obviously think like me–my disorganization is my organization method. And I am all too eager to leave room for spontaneity!

    • Don’t get me wrong Ruth, organisation has its place, so you’ve probably got it about right – not having to stick to a schedule all the time and the time and choice to do what you want when you want is the way I’d like to run my life. You sound like you may have the balance right. :0)

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