Quebec City Winter Festival

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Quebec City Winter Festival

It occurred to me today that while the Movie and all the other paraphernalia that goes along with the latest Disney offering of FROZEN, has made a snowman named OLAF a household name for many, there is a Snowman that has had the spotlight for much longer.

In Quebec City, there is a Snowman that is named Bonhomme. He is the central attraction for the Winter Festival that takes place every year in the Old City of Quebec. Did you know that Quebec city is one of the oldest walled capitals north of Mexico and the Provincial Capital of the Province of Quebec? Its ties to Europe are evident in the old cobblestone streets and quaint store fronts that just beckon people to come inside.

This year Quebec City is celebrating their 60th Winter Carnival starting this weekend Jan 30th and running a full two weeks till the 15th of February. The Christmas lights that transformed the Old City during the Holidays are still twinkling in the night skies over the city that welcomes more visitors during the winter carnival than many other cities, because there is so much to do and enjoy while the winter weather is upon us. We might as well make snowmen and snow angels and enjoy the weather, because it will be here for a while yet…..

Grab some warm clothes, bundle up and get outdoors to celebrate the winter. There are many cross country ski trails, snow shoeing or downhill skiing just a hop, skip and a jump away. The city itself has many walking tours that are a delight. You can try many of the craft beers available from the many micro-breweries and all the local wines and cheeses the city has to offer. Walking tours also take you through all the old city to enjoy the architecture and historical sights of Quebec’s oldest buildings along the way. And there is much history to enjoy. Quebec City is 400 + years old and it’s ties to the old European ways of life are still evident and able to be enjoyed by all who trek north to this wonderful city for the annual Bonhomme Carnival!

2015-01-29_1213Artisans of all kinds are found working their crafts from jewellery to prints, textiles and fashions,to handbags and designer duds, everything is available for your pleasure.

Come North and East, make a reservation to see for yourself the beauty and wonder of Quebec City for yourself. I’m sure that once you have seen it in the winter, your next trip will be in the summer, where other pleasures await your senses.

So Olaf, meet Bonhomme, come and enjoy,broaden your horizons with a trip that will have you telling many great stories to all your friends.

For more information on travelling to Quebec City and the 60th Winter Carnival please visit and

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