Do Cheap Ski Holidays Exist?

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Do cheap ski holidays really exist and how easy are they to find? There’s no doubt that skiing can be totally addictive, is absolute fun and something extremely exciting to look forward to as winter closes in. Let’s face it only skiers can really enjoy the winter! But how much do they cost?

Perhaps that’s the wrong question. Let’s try asking ourselves this instead; are skiing holidays worth the money?

Cheap skiholidays

I would say yes, yes, yes! However if you click on this link you’ll find some fantastic ski holiday deals: Inghams in some of the most incredible sky resorts in the world.
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I know people who go skiing and don’t bother with summer holidays. My uncle, for instance, lives in Italy right on the seaside so he doesn’t need sun, sea, and sand holidays! But he looks forward to skiing every year – that’s for sure! Other people are lucky enough to live near wonderful ski resorts, and they practically live on skies.


People love skiing so much they spend their weekends skiing on dry slopes in sports centers up and down the country, perfecting their skills waiting for the winter to arrive!

The physical benefits of skiing are really noteworthy. Did you know that a day of skiing can help you shed over 2500 calories. Now that has to be good. That’s a lot of weight to loose in just one week! You can really look forward to shedding those excess pounds in this way, great – especially after Christmas!

Imagine achieving all that toned muscle in just one week!

Actually staying on the skies is not easy, and you do need quite a lot of physical strength to stop yourself from falling off. But this alone gives your body an entire workout. Skiing is very good for aligning your bones and strengthening your stomach muscles. It really does reshape your body, ready for the summer look!

Surely that’s a good enough reason to book a great ski holiday somewhere in Europe perhaps, where the snow is guaranteed.


A winter skiing holiday is also something that you can take the kids to, they too will benefit from the exercise, fresh air, and change of lifestyle.

Don’t worry if you’re not a skier, because you can learn to ski on one trip, with the right instruction and there are lessons in most resorts. You don’t have to worry about buying expensive gear either because equipment can be hired at the resorts.

If you book at the right time you can benefit from last minute ski deals.

However, even if you don’t ski there are other things to do on snow, and skiing is not the only thing you will be offered at these amazing resorts. Cross-country skiing is one of my favourite sports, but there are also sledge rides, and depending on where you go, they are pulled by teams of dogs or reindeer. There’s also ice-skating and snowboarding, great fun if you are with teenagers!

Cheap ski holidays do exist – just click on this link Exodus Travels to find some absolutely amazing trips.
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Giovanna Sanguinetti has been a teacher for many years and loves teaching dyslexic children. She is a qualified and experienced teacher of drama and theatre arts too. Her big love is theatre directing. She lives in London and is currently embarking on a very exciting project home educating her son through his exams years of school. While she does this she will continue writing online about education. Giovanna also loves adventure travel and is passionate about responsible and sustainable travel. She enjoys writing about this and has her own brand-new website. She is also the Travel Feature Editor on Tastes Magazine.


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